June 28 & 29, 1969: the Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village

WE WERE STREET RATS.  Puerto Rican, BLACK, Northern and Southern whites.  “Debby the Dyke” and a Chinese queen named “JADE EAST.”  The sons and daughters of postal workers, welfare mothers, cab drivers, mechanics and NURSES Aids (just to name a few).  Until properly introduced it was de rigeur argot to call everybody “Miss THING” (after this, it was discretionary USAGE).  I strongly objected when a queen called “Opera Jean” called me “Mary” (but I’m a man!?) “MARY, GRACE, Alice, what’s the Difference.  Afterall, we’re all sisters?  Aren’t we?” (One in Essence and undivided).  She* was head-strong so I stopped complaining. I ended up being named “VIOLET” by a black queen named NOVA.  WE ALL ENDED UP TOGETHER AT A PLACE CALLED THE STONEWALL.
Mother Stonewall and the Golden Rats by Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt~ http://curate.tumblr.com/post/136535194/1969-mother-stonewall-and-the-golden-rats-c-1989

The 1969 Advocate Article on the Stonewall Riots~

Bill Moggridge: June 25, 1943-September 8, 2012

In 2010, as the new director of the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Bill Moggridge rode into New York from California with a formidable resume: cofounder of Ideo, inventor of the first laptop computer, author of the seminal work on interaction design, educator, and winner of a slew of international design awards.
But as a city full of designers and design-lovers was quick to discover, rarely has such an illustrious bio been animated by such a delightful person.

“If there is a simple, easy principle that binds everything I have done together, it is my interest in people and their relationship to things.”

Peter Blake: Born June 25, 1932

Sir Peter Blake | Illustrators | Central Illustration Agency.

Peter graduated from the RCA in 1956 having also completed his National Service. He received the Leverhulme Research Award to study popular art whilst travelling Europe and went on to teach for several years at various London Art Schools, all the while working and exhibiting. His first solo show was held in the Portal Gallery in 1962 and since the early 70s his work has regularly been exhibited in one-man shows and retrospectives around the world. In 1981 he was elected a member of the Royal Academy and in 1994 was made the Third Associate Artist of the National Gallery. He was Knighted in 2002.