“Breathtakingly Detailed Large-Format Photographs of Opera Houses Around the World”


Photographer David Leventi captures opera houses all over the world in breathtaking detail in his series Opera. Leventi uses large-format photography to ensure the detail of rich texture and light in his work.


Andrew John Henry Way: Born April 27, 1826

In 1860, Way came to the attention of visiting history painter Emanuel Leutze who encouraged him to pursue still life subject matter in the Düsseldorf style. Taking this advice to heart, Way began to paint fruit, primarily grapes, executed with great detail to form, a particular brilliance of light and typically staged against a dark background.…Despite the market demand and critical preference for vast panoramic landscapes and historic scenes, Way prospered, becoming the most important still life painter in the mid-Atlantic area during the late nineteenth century.



“Turandot” premieres in Milan on April 25, 1926:



Turandot premiered at La Scala in Milan on 25 April 1926, almost a year and a half after Puccini’s death. Puccini’s friend Arturo Toscanini, who had worked on the score with the composer during the last months of Puccini’s life, conducted the premiere. As is widely recorded, when the opera reached the last note written by Puccini, Toscanini ended the performance. What he said at the time has been variously reported, from the poetic “Here death triumphed over art” to the poigniant “For me, the work ends here.” An eyewitness quoted in a recent biography puts it somewhere between the two: “Here ends the opera, because at this point the maestro was dead.”


Lee Miller: Born April 23, 1907

Lee Miller archives: http://tinyurl.com/mczacpb

picAt the age of 19, Lee Miller was prevented from being hit by a truck in NYC by Condé Nast, the publisher of Vogue. Condé Nast thought she had the makings of a model, putting her on the cover of the magazine, which launched her modeling career. For a couple of years Miller was in high demand by photographers, until 1929 when a photograph of her taken by Edward Steichen was used to advertise Kotex pads, effectively ending her popularity as a model.kotex

Miller then moved to Paris, with the intention of working with Man Ray. She became his model, muse, collaborator, and lover, thus beginning a new career on the other side of the camera as well as continuing as a model.
Lee Miller returned to New York in 1932, where she set up her own studio. She continued to pursue dual careers as model and photographer, however photography became her primary interest.

Miller was married in 1934 and moved to Cairo. The following years saw a succession of lovers and locations, eventually landing her in London where once again Vogue magazine had a major influence on her life, this time as a photographer: her work for them included being their war correspondent during WWII. warShe covered many major events including Normandy, the Liberation of Paris, and the death camps of Dachau and Buchenwald. There was a famous photo of her taking a bath in Hitler’s apartment in Munich taken as the war drew to its close.
Miller’s only child was born in 1947, fathered by her lover Sir Roland Penrose, whereupon she divorced her husband and married Penrose. They settled in a farm in England. Miller became a gourmet cook and a hostess for some of the most famous artists and photographers of the time, but her life became colored by her ongoing clinical depression and she started on what her son described as a “downward spiral”. She died of lung cancer in 1977. After her death, 60,000 of her photographic negatives were found in a stash of cardboard boxes.withson

Lee Miller has such an amazing biography that I haven’t even attempted to cover it all. I recommend using Google to learn more about her life, or following some of the links I’ve posted here:
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The Roving Eye~ http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2008/01/21/the-roving-eye

Myron Waldman: Born on April 23, 1908


Myron Waldman (April 23, 1908-February 4, 2006) was an American animator, best known for his work at Fleischer Studio…He started his first career work in 1930 at Fleischer Studio. At Fleischer he worked on Betty Boop, Raggedy Ann, Gulliver’s Travels, the animated adaptations of Superman, and Popeye. He was head animator on two Academy Award nominated shorts, Educated Fish (1937) and Hunky and Spunky (1939).

John Waters: Born April 22, 1946

WatersFaceThe Hollywood Reporter: You made a hilarious, new 74-minute version of your X-rated 1972 cult film Pink Flamingos, rewritten as a “desexualized sequel” — a children’s movie with an all-kid cast. Why did you decide to exhibit the video here, in this way?
John Waters: I don’t think of it as the next movie in my filmography at all.I don’t want it showing in a movie theater where people have to come in and take a seat and have to watch it straight through. You understand what the piece is if you watch it for 20 minutes.
The Hollywood Reporter: Tell me a little bit about how you reconcile your work in the worlds of art and of film, pop and pulp culture?
John Waters: I have gone to great lengths in my career to keep my art career and my film career completely separate. But my art work is as equal to me as making movies.

Interview, 2015, The Guardian~
Interview, 2004, BOMB~ http://bombmagazine.org/article/2628/john-waters
John Waters: Born April 22, 1946~


Queen Elizabeth II: Born April 21, 1926

BabyLizNational Portrait Gallery Collection~
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International Call for Artists for Online Art Competition, “Figurative / Portrait”

Contemporary Art Gallery Online

Contemporary Art Gallery Online announces their 4th Annual International “Figurative / Portrait” Online Art Competition for the month of April 2016.  Contemporary Art Gallery Online encourages entries from all 2D and 3D artists regardless of their experience or education in the art field. A group exhibition of all entrants will be held online at Contemporary Art Gallery Online during the month of May 2016. Awards will be given for t

20496930-Wisdom-ColoredPencilDrawing-WendyLayne “Wisdom” by Wendy Layne

he top 5 chosen winners in the Paintings, Photography/Digital Art and Mixed Media Categories.   In addition to the winning images, depending on the amount and the quality of the entries received, Honorable Recognition awards will also be presented.  This competition closes April 30, 2016. Winners will be announced on May 16, 2016.

Prizes include Memberships to Contemporary Art Gallery Online, Radio Interviews, Inclusion in the Year End Anthology Publication, Extensive Marketing and much more. Our Radio…

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