Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/29~

What artist was apprenticed to a miniature-painter, then to a theatre-scene-painter, eventually becoming a teacher and a painter in watercolors and in oils?

What artist is best remembered as a master printer who created illustrations and compositions with his experiments in type?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/28~

The term this photographer invented to describe himself – Bildjournalist – is still the German word for photojournalist.

In 1960 this artist patented a color of his own invention, which he called International (__) Blue after himself.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/27~

Which painter and photographer with “an artist’s heart” achieved his enduring success as an inventor?

Which illustrator’s most recognizable work was not even executed by the artist himself, but were copies done by other artists?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/26~

Although not the first person to attempt to catalog all the birds of America, for half a century this painter was the country’s dominant wildlife artist.

This French Romantic painter was also a renowned lithographer who illustrated works by Shakespeare, Goethe, Byron, and Scott.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/25~

This artist created a vocabulary of various signs and marks that read metaphorically, rather than according to any form of traditional iconography.

This Dutch-born artist was part of the original CoBrA group (Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam) founded at the Café de l’Hotel Notre Dame in Paris.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/24~

What Russian artist, at the end of 1921, rejected easel painting and devoted herself to textile and graphic design and theatre sets?

What abstract expressionist painter gained critical acclaim in 1948 with his first one-man exhibition, held at Charles Egan Gallery, at the age of forty-four?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/22~

What German-Swiss painter helped to create the Schillerschule, Frankfurt’s first school for girls, in 1908?

What photographer, to make a living during the Depression, published postcards, worked on a series of slides on archaeological subjects, and even operated a turkey farm?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/21~

Around 1582 this artist and his cousins founded an academy that emphasized drawing from life and offered an opportunity to study optics, anatomy, and other subjects considered important to painters.

This American modernist painter was influential in introducing innovations of the European avant-garde to US painters and sculptors.

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