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The Ranch boasts a talented group of art educators in lieu of wranglers, and kale salads and quinoa cakes instead of chili and sirloin. While there’s plenty of green space and a simple feel to the wooden buildings, most visitors come for the public talks or the top-notch art facilities and equipment. The Ranch has become a destination for art enthusiasts of all stripes and origins—collectors, practitioners, gallerists, and instructors from around the world, many of whom fall into multiple categories.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 8/9~

Which artist attended the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels from 1860 to 1867 and designed the statues of all 48 historical professions in the Petit Sablon garden in Brussels?

Which artist was best known for “Alamo” (“the Cube”), originally part of a temporary installation in 1967 in the East Village which became permanent after residents in the Astor Place area petitioned the city?

Answers here~