“In A First, Spain’s Prado Museum Puts The Spotlight On A Female Artist”


Spain’s national art museum, the Prado, has been around nearly 200 years and has one of the world’s biggest collections of Renaissance and Baroque art.
But only now has it devoted a solo exhibition to a female artist: the 17th century Flemish painter Clara Peeters.
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In A First, Spain’s Prado Museum Puts The Spotlight On A Female Artist : Parallels : NPR

Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/30~

What 16th-century northern Italian architect summarized his rules in a landmark publication which was widely translated and spread his influence throughout Europe and into the New World?

What painter’s shift from representation to abstraction occurred between 1938 and 1942 — a reason why he is credited with laying the groundwork for the Abstract Expressionist movement?

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“All Women” Online Art Competition


Light Space & Time encourages entries from all 2D & 3D women artists regardless of where they reside and regardless of their experience or education in the art field. A group exhibition of the top ten finalists will be held online at the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery during the month of January 2017. Awards will be for top 10 places. In addition, depending on the amount and the quality of the entries received, Special Merit and Special Recognition awards will also be presented as well.
Deadline for Receiving Entries~December 27, 2016
Results Emailed to Artists & Posted~January 1, 2017
Opening of Online Art Exhibition~January 1, 2017



Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/28~

Largely unrecognized during his lifetime, this inward-looking English poet, painter, and printmaker is now ranked among the most original visual artists of the Romantic era.

Although this Color Field painter worked steadily as an artist all his adult life, the work for which he is known was done in a span of five years beginning in the late 1950s.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/26~

Which 19th century American genre painter was one of the most renowned artists in the country while alive, with more commissions than he could fulfill?

Which American sculptor pioneered applying plaster bandages to models to form a hollow shell, a technique which was a turning point in the his career?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/25~

Born in Alabama in 1898, this artist studied at the Tuskegee Institute but was barred as an African-American from further photographic studies, so he completed a correspondence course and opened a studio.

This artist was initially attracted to engineering images, and to patterns of nature photographed at close range, but by the mid-1930s she was photographing expansive views of rural and urban landscapes.

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