Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/30~

What 16th-century northern Italian architect summarized his rules in a landmark publication which was widely translated and spread his influence throughout Europe and into the New World?

What painter’s shift from representation to abstraction occurred between 1938 and 1942 — a reason why he is credited with laying the groundwork for the Abstract Expressionist movement?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/29~

What second generation Abstract Expressionist painter’s surfaces tended to be neither geometric nor gestural, and to be dominated by one color and one shape?

What artist created “Time Dust” (1992), measuring seven by thirty-five feet and considered at the time to be the largest and most complex fine art print ever made?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/28~

Largely unrecognized during his lifetime, this inward-looking English poet, painter, and printmaker is now ranked among the most original visual artists of the Romantic era.

Although this Color Field painter worked steadily as an artist all his adult life, the work for which he is known was done in a span of five years beginning in the late 1950s.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/27~

What Spanish-born American artist’s well-known work is the large group sculpture in Central Park titled ”Alice in Wonderland”?

What Japanese artist moved to France, became a fixture on the 1920s Paris cafe circuit, and died a French citizen in 1968?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/26~

Which 19th century American genre painter was one of the most renowned artists in the country while alive, with more commissions than he could fulfill?

Which American sculptor pioneered applying plaster bandages to models to form a hollow shell, a technique which was a turning point in the his career?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/25~

Born in Alabama in 1898, this artist studied at the Tuskegee Institute but was barred as an African-American from further photographic studies, so he completed a correspondence course and opened a studio.

This artist was initially attracted to engineering images, and to patterns of nature photographed at close range, but by the mid-1930s she was photographing expansive views of rural and urban landscapes.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/24~

This painter’s career coincided with two major developments in late 19th century Paris: the birth of modern printmaking and the explosion of nightlife culture.

This Belgian sculptor and painter was linked with 2 groups who helped to shape Modernism, as a member of De Stijl and later as a member of Abstraction-Création.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/23~

What Mexican painter, along with Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros, helped lead the revival of Mexican mural painting in the 1920s?

What early-20th-century Russian-born French illustrator and designer chose his pseudonym from the French pronunciation of his initials?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/22~

Which German Expressionist painter and printmaker worked through a variety of  styles before, at age 60, finding the technique in which he would work for the rest of his career?

Which French artist and photographer created an icon of the Surrealism movement when she represented the bestial nature of man with a close-up image of a baby armadillo?

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The Studios at MASS MoCA

The Studios at MASS MoCA Residency Program Spring/Summer 2018

Artist & Writer Residencies hosted by MASS MoCA’s Assets for Artists Program
Application for Sessions from April 4, 2018 – October 2, 2018

Application Deadline: January 8, 2018 11:59pm. No application fee. (Please note that if you are eligible to apply for a free 6-week residency — with travel assistance — for artists in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria, please go to to apply by December 18, 2017.)

MASS MoCA invites artists and writers to apply for residencies from 1 week to 8 weeks in length…We welcome applications from artists in all career stages, income levels, and disciplines (painters, writers, fiber artists, printmakers, performers, designers, photographers, filmmakers, etc.) whose practice allows them to work quietly (no power tools in the private studios, and no music out loud – headphones only). Groups/collectives may apply to work on joint projects. The studios have light-duty ventilation, so an art practice generating strong fumes cannot be accommodated.

Full Cost~ $650/week
Financial Aid~ All applicants will be considered for subsidies based on artistic merit, readiness to benefit from the residency, and financial need.
Application Deadline~ January 8, 2018, 11:59pm. Click here to apply.