Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/24~

This painter’s career coincided with two major developments in late 19th century Paris: the birth of modern printmaking and the explosion of nightlife culture.

This Belgian sculptor and painter was linked with 2 groups who helped to shape Modernism, as a member of De Stijl and later as a member of Abstraction-Création.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/23~

What Mexican painter, along with Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros, helped lead the revival of Mexican mural painting in the 1920s?

What early-20th-century Russian-born French illustrator and designer chose his pseudonym from the French pronunciation of his initials?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/22~

Which German Expressionist painter and printmaker worked through a variety of  styles before, at age 60, finding the technique in which he would work for the rest of his career?

Which French artist and photographer created an icon of the Surrealism movement when she represented the bestial nature of man with a close-up image of a baby armadillo?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/21~

What American landscape artist, member of a prominent Philadelphia family of engravers, apprenticed to his brother but by 1867 had decided to become a painter?

What Belgian Surrealist painter became a designer for a wallpaper factory and then did sketches for advertisements, before becoming a full-time painter in 1926?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/20~

This 17th century painter was celebrated for his portraits of animals, making them the focus of the picture and profoundly influencing the way animals were depicted in European art.

In 1968, this artist sought an official release from her vows as a Sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and dedicated the remainder of her life to her own pursuits as an artist.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/19~

What 17th century French classical Baroque painter was one of the founders and first professors of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture?

What photographer’s insistence on precision in color transparencies resulted in prints that set the standard for elegance in the 1940s and 1950s?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/18~

This 16th century Italian artist established the local tradition of historical fresco painting through his many decorations of Genoese churches and palaces.

This Flemish artist was active in the southern Netherlands at the time when demand was high for decorative schemes embodying the tenets of the Counter-Reformation.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/17~

What 16th century Florentine painter’s unemotional yet stylish technique for portraying his subjects went on to influence a century of European court portraiture?

What modern American artist collaborated with others in a range of disciplines and schools including mass-production, e.g. designing a table for Herman Miller still being sold today?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/16~

What 19th century painter is chiefly remembered for melodramatic apocalyptic paintings, despite the romantic landscapes of his later years?

What New York sculptor created work dealing with the AIDS epidemic which many art galleries were unwilling to show, due to its raw approach to death?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/15~

When this artist died in 1986 her ashes were scattered over New Mexico’s unique and vibrantly colored landscape, which she had painted for so much of her life.

This artist’s best-known works are paintings of everyday items such as sandwiches, gumball machines, cakes, and pies rendered in thick paint and and bright pop-art colors.

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