“Curator’s Pick: Favorite Item from the Alice 150 Exhibit”

Special Collections & University Archives

I haven’t counted, but I would guess that at least 10% of people who meet me ask if I play basketball. I haven’t.But when you are almost 6′ tall, that’s a fair question.Jabberwocky1

It might seemsurprising then that someone who cannot dribble to save her life might choose Christopher Myer’s Jabberwocky, the Classic Poem from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found Thereas her favorite item in the Alice 150 exhibit. But I have my reasons. Myers’brilliant recreation Carroll’s most famous poem as a pick-up basketball game is visually engrossing and thought provoking and hisstriking illustrationspulse with energy. Myers uses his original illustrations in tandem with Carroll’s original poem to create a “Jabberwock” who is the towering king of an urban basketball court…up until now!The oversize, oddly shaped and multicolored font sprawls across the page in between large, fiery-eyed players who seem as if they are somehow…

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