Born March 2~ Irena Blühová

Irena Blühová (March 2, 1904-November 30, 1991) was a political activist and one of the first Slovak women photographers.
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Jolanda by Irena Blühová
1933 / Gelatin silver print / 11″x15″ / The Museum of Avant-garde

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Born March 1~ Fay King

Fay Barbara King (March 1889-presumed dead after 1954) was an American illustrator, journalist, and cartoonist.
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Fay King Cartoon about death of Anne Sullivan:

Scrapbook compiled by cartoonist and journalist, Fay King, 1916-1919:

Born February 29~ Augusta Savage

Augusta Savage (February 29, 1892-March 27, 1962) was an American sculptor and a teacher whose studio was important to the careers of a generation of artists.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Gwendolyn Knight by Augusta Savage
1934-35 / Painted plaster / 18 1/2″x8 1/2″x9″ / Seattle Art Museum, WA

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Born February 28~ Emma Richardson Cherry

Emma Richardson Cherry (February 28, 1859-October 29, 1954) was an American painter of landscapes, still lifes, and portraits.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Precious Bowl by Emma Richardson Cherry
c.1925 / Oil on canvas / 36″x26 1/8″ / The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX

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Born February 27~ Roselle Osk

Roselle Hellenberg Osk (1884–1954) was an American realist printmaker known for her drypoints and etchings.
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Six O’clock by Roselle Osk
c.1935 / Drypoint / Plate: 10″x8″ / Various collections, including Ackland Art Museum at UNC-Chapel Hill, NC

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Born February 26~ Annie Louisa Swynnerton

Annie Louisa Robinson Swynnerton ARA (February 26, 1844-October 24, 1933) was a British painter best known for her portrait and symbolist works.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Miss Elizabeth Williamson on a Pony by Annie Louisa Swynnerton
1906 / Oil on canvas / 66 1/4″x51 3/5″ / Tate Britain, UK

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Born February 25~ June Tarpé Mills

June Tarpé Mills (February 25, 1918-December 12, 1988), known professionally as Tarpé Mills, is best known for her comic Miss Fury, featuring the first female action hero created by a woman.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Miss Fury cover by Tarpé Mills / Winter 1942-43 / Issue #1 / Timely Comics

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Miss Fury #6:

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Born February 24~ Ida Matton

Ida Elisabeth Matton (February 24, 1863-July 7, 1940) was a Swedish artist, primarily a sculptor, who was active in Paris for most of her adult life.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Sculpted Portrait of a Woman by Ida Matton
1891 / Terracotta / 13 3/4″x15 3/4″x11 4/5″ / Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

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The Artist Ida Matton (translated by Google)

Born February 23~ Broncia Koller-Pinell

Broncia Koller-Pinell (February 23, 1863-April 26, 1934) was an Austrian Expressionist painter said to be the first to bring attributes of French Impressionism into Austrian painting.
Biography on Jewish Women’s Archive:

The Mother of the Artist by Broncia Koller-Pinell
1907 / Oil on canvas / 35 4/5″x30 1/2″ / Austrian Gallery Belvedere, Vienna, AT

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Broncia Koller-Pinell  1863-1934
Forgotten Females Found

Born February 22~ Sarah Paxton Ball Dodson

Sarah Paxton Ball Dodson (February 22, 1847-January 8, 1906) was one of the leading American women artists in Paris during the 1880s.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Under the Weeping Ash Tree by Sarah Paxton Ball Dodson
1900 / Oil on canvas / 24″x18″ / Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA

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