Artist Birthday Quiz for 8/18~

Which realist painter-printmaker had significant experience as an actress from 1909 into the 1920s, supplementing her income from acting with work as a muralist and illustrator as well as studying at the Chicago Art Institute?

Which artist is considered one of the most important painters and engravers in Puerto Rico, and has been instrumental in promoting art and art education in her country?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 8/16~

Which Italian painter and printmaker, born into a family of renowned artists, was also a popular and skilled teacher whose anatomical studies were later engraved and used for almost two centuries as academic teaching aids?

Which photographer had brief careers as model, stage actress, and silent film actress — appearing in three films, the last one in 1922 — before discovering her true talent as a photographer?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 8/7~

This French painter, when asked what school he belonged to, replied, “None. But if you absolutely insist on categorising me, I am an intimist”.

This German painter and printmaker, known for his violent religious works and his foreboding landscapes, was one of the first Expressionists.

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Andy Warhol: Born August 6, 1928

Open Culture: Andy Warhol Eats a Burger King Whopper, and We Watch … and Watch

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The Andy Warhol Family Album~
Figment, a live feed of Warhol’s gravesite~

Artist Birthday Quiz for 8/6~

What artist originally completed a degree in radiochemistry, but left his job at the Hanford Atomic Energy Project and pursued art full-time due to his dismay about the threat of atomic weapons?

What British painter and printmaker was evacuated with his mother and sister to the USA during WWII, where he first saw work by Stuart Davis, Matisse, and Picasso at the Museum of Modern Art?

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Marguerite Mahood: Born July 29, 1901


 via Marguerite Mahood (1901–1989, Australian) | THE GREAT CAT

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Marguerite Mahood (1901-1989)~


Artist Birthday Quiz for 7/28~

This French artistic revolutionary and pioneer of Dada eventually turned his focus to playing chess; although no longer considered to be an active artist, he continued to consult with artists, art dealers and collectors.

As a child, this artist became fascinated with the engraved illustrations in her grandfather’s books; as an adult, she made this medium her specialty, with detailed representations of both urban centers and rustic scenes.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 7/22~

Which artist’s “House by the Railroad”, a gift of an anonymous donor in 1930, was the first oil painting to be acquired for the permanent collections of the newly founded Museum of Modern Art?

Which artist introduced moving parts into his work in 1931, then over the following decades created variations on this concept including “gongs”, “towers”, ”totems”, and “animobiles”?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 7/21~

The prints and techniques of this Prague born-painter, etcher, and lithographer went through extensive changes as he traveled internationally, learning new methods wherever he went.

This painter, printmaker, and draftsman had a long, prolific, and highly successful career which extended from the late 19th century academic tradition to German Impressionism and finally Expressionism.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 7/19~

What member of the Impressionists group showed little interest in painting
plein air landscapes, favoring scenes in theaters and cafés illuminated by artificial light?

What Chinese Realism painter championed the revitalization of artistic expression through an integration of Western perspective and Chinese methods of composition?

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