National Arts and Humanities Month~ October 22

Portrait of Yaya by James “Yaya” Hough

2015 / Acrylic on parachute cloth / 60″x35 1/2″x6″ / Collection Russell Craig

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November 21, 2019: James ‘Yaya’ Hough Named Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Artist-in-Residence

June 25~ Pride Month

Paul Cadmus and Jared French and Margaret Hoening

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Margaret Hoening was a painter and an etcher [who studied] at the Art Students League. There, she met the artist couple Paul Cadmus and Jared French. In 1937, she married French, fifteen years her junior, who had spent the previous decade with Cadmus. The trio formed a tight bond, with Cadmus and French continuing their relationship. Together, the three formed PaJaMa (a mashup of their first names, Paul, Jared, and Margaret).

Self Portrait by Margaret Hoening French
ND / Pencil on Paper / Private collection











Circus Performers and Animals by Margaret Hoening French
ND / Gouache on board / Private collection

June 24~ Pride Month

Paul Cadmus and Jared French

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In 1928, Cadmus…met Jared French, who encouraged him to quit making commercial art. The two became lovers and traveled to Europe from 1931 until 1932, living in a Mallorcan fishing village and learning and refining the egg tempera technique for which Cadmus became known. ~Paul Cadmus’ Greenwich Village



Paul Cadmus by Jared French
1944 / Pencil and brush and ink wash with white heightening / Private Collection












Jerry (Jared French) by Paul Cadmus
1931 / Oil on canvas / Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH


Women’s History Month in Visual Arts~ March 24

Canario by Rina Lazo

1988 / Oil on linen / 15 3/4”x11 7/8” / Private collection

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December 2, 1954~ U.S Senate votes to censure Senator Joseph McCarthy

The Red Scare and McCarthyism (detail) designed by Judith F. Baca
with Matt Weurker, Jan Cook, and additional SPARC design team members

1974-1984 / Painted mural by Judith F. Baca working with the Social and Public Art Resource Center
13 1/2’ x 2,754’ / Great Wall of Los Angeles Mural, Tujunga Flood Control Channel, CA

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November 11, 1918~ Germany signs Armistice with the Allies, ending WWI

The Armistice by Eugene Savage

1926 / Watercolor on Artist’s Paper / 29”x52” / Preparatory Work for Elks National Memorial Mural, Chicago, IL

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October 15, 1939~ Dedication of NY Municipal Airport (later LaGuardia Airport)

Flight (detail), a mural by James Brooks

1939-1942; sealed and painted over 1952; uncovered and restored late 1970s; rededicated September 18, 1980
Painting on curved canvas panels / 12’x237’ / Marine Air Terminal, Terminal A, LaGuardia Airport

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