Autoportrait Day 290~ Violet Oakley

A random survey of self-portraits created by women through the centuries

Painter, muralist, and illustrator Violet Oakley (1874-1961)

1. Self-Portrait: The Artist in Mourning for Her Father, c.1900 / Oil on canvas
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

2. Self-Portrait, 1919 / Oil on canvas mounted on panel / National Academy of Design, NYC

3. Self-Portrait, ND / Charcoal on cream illustration board
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

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Born May 19~ Sarah Miriam Peale

Sarah Miriam Peale (May 19, 1800-February 4, 1885) was an American portrait painter, considered the first American woman to succeed as a professional artist.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Portrait of the Honorable Dixon Hall Lewis by Sarah Miriam Peale
c.1842 / Oil on canvas / Size? / Birmingham Museum of Art, AL

Sarah Miriam Peale on Artnet:

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Born May 1~ Cecilia Beaux

Painter Cecilia Beaux (May 1, 1855-September 17, 1942) “successfully negotiated the gender separatism of the late nineteenth century while she gained international renown, allowing her to become the first full-time woman instructor at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.”
Biography on the Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia:

Mother and Daughter by Cecilia Beaux
1898 / Oil on canvas / 83″x44″ / Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Cecilia Beaux on Artnet:

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June 5~ Pride Month

Charles Shannon and Charles Ricketts

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Artistic and personal partners for more than fifty years, Ricketts and Shannon designed and illustrated books, established an occasional art journal, The Dial, in 1889 and founded the Vale Press in 1894. Named after their house, The Vale, in Chelsea, they published a total of about 75 books, including a complete reprint of the works of Shakespeare.
~The Fitzwilliam Museum

Mr Charles Ricketts and Mr Charles Hazelwood Shannon [Part IX]
by Sir William Rothenstein / 1897 / Tate Britain, London, UK

Don Juan challenging the Commander by Charles Ricketts
c.1928 / Oil on canvas / Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

Charles de Sousy Ricketts by Charles Haslewood Shannon
1898 / Oil on canvas / National Portrait Gallery, London, UK


November 16, 1532~ Inca ruler Atahualpa captured by Spanish conquistadors

Atahualpa, Fourteenth Inca, 1 of 14 Portraits of Inca Kings
by Unknown Peruvian artist

c.18th century / Oil on canvas / 23 5/8”x21 3/4” / Brooklyn Museum, NYC
Portrait series based on a 1615 Spanish engraving from a history of the Spanish conquest of the Americas

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September 3, 1783~ Treaty of Paris is signed, ending the Revolutionary War

American Commissioners of the Preliminary Peace Negotiations with Great Britain
by  Benjamin West

1783 / Oil on canvas / 28 1/2”x36 1/4” / Winterthur Museum, Delaware

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