October 5, 1869~ Finnish painter Ellen Thesleff is born

Self-Portrait by Ellen Thesleff

1894–95 / Pencil and sepia ink on paper / 12 1/5”x9 1/4”
Finnish National Gallery: Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland

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October 3, 1648~ French poet, musician, academic, & artist Élisabeth Sophie Chéron is born

Likely Self Portrait by Élisabeth-Sophie Chéron

17th century / Oil on canvas / 17.5”x15.7” / Musée Condé, Chantilly, France

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September 23, 1865~ French painter Suzanne Valadon is born

Portrait de Famille by Suzanne Valadon

André Utter, Suzanne Valadon, Maurice Utrillo, and Madeleine Valadon

1912 / Oil on canvas / 38”x28 3/4” / Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris

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September 10, 1860~ Expressionist painter Marianne von Werefkin is born

Police post in Vilnius by Marianne von Werefkin

1914 / Tempera on cardboard / 38 3/5”x32 1/4” / Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna, Ascona, Switzerland

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August 30, 1907~ Artist, designer, & author Leonor Fini is born in Buenos Aires

Opération I  by Leonor Fini

1939 / Oil on canvas / 36 1/4”x25 1/2” / Weinstein Gallery, San Francisco, CA

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August 24, 1926~ Feminist artist & activist Nancy Spero is born

The Goddess Nut II by Nancy Spero

1990 / Paint and printed collage on five panels of paper / 84”x110”
© Nancy Spero and Leon Golub Foundation for the Arts/VAGA at ARS, New York

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