Born April 15~ Elizabeth Catlett

Elizabeth Catlett (April 15, 1915-April 2, 2012) was an African-American artist who explored themes relating to race and feminism in her range of sculpture, paintings, and prints.
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Mother and Child by Elizabeth Catlett
1956 / Terra cotta / 11 1/4″x7″x7″ / Museum of Modern Art, NYC

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Born April 5~ Nancy Holt

Nancy Holt (April 5, 1938-February 8, 2014) was an American artist most known for her public sculpture, installation art, concrete poetry, and land art.
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Sun Tunnels by Nancy Holt
1973-76 / 4 22-ton concrete cylinders / each 9′ high x 18′ long / Great Basin Desert, Utah

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Born March 19~ Nancy Elizabeth Prophet

Nancy Elizabeth Prophet (March 19, 1890-December 13, 1960) was an American sculptor noted in particular for her work in Paris during the 1920s and 1930s.
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Untitled Bust by Nancy Elizabeth Prophet
c.1922-1926 /
Photograph of a piece, likely a portrait of her husband

Rhode Island College: Nancy Elizabeth Prophet Collection:

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Born March 16~ Anne Truitt

Anne Truitt (March 16, 1921-December 23, 2004) was an American artist known for her large-scale Minimalist sculptures.
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Morning Choice by Anne Truitt
1968 / Acrylic on marine mahogany plywood / 72″x14″x14″ / Saint Louis Art Museum, Missouri

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Born March 14~ Ellen Mary Rope

Ellen Mary Rope (March 14, 1855-September 13, 1934) was a British sculptor whose career stretched from 1885 until the early 1930s. She worked chiefly in bas-relief in stone, cast metal, or plaster.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Maquette for Moberly Memorial, Salisbury Cathedral by Ellen Mary Rope
1890 / Plaster relief / 40″x30 1/2″ / Private collection

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Born March 11~ Naomi Blake

Naomi Blake (born Zisel Dum March 11, 1924-died November 7, 2018) was a British sculptor whose work reflected her experience as a Holocaust survivor.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Emergence-A by Naomi Blake
1987 / Bronze with copperplate base / 14 3/5″x4 3/4″x3 1/16″ / Ben Uri Gallery and Museum, London, UK

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Born March 10~ Anna Hyatt Huntington

Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington (March 10, 1876-October 4, 1973) was an American sculptor who was among New York City’s most prominent sculptors in the early 20th century.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Reaching Jaguar by Anna Hyatt Huntington
c.1905-1906 / Bronze / 6 7/16″x4 5/8″ / Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio
Anna Hyatt Huntington’s Jaguars:

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Born February 29~ Augusta Savage

Augusta Savage (February 29, 1892-March 27, 1962) was an American sculptor and a teacher whose studio was important to the careers of a generation of artists.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Gwendolyn Knight by Augusta Savage
1934-35 / Painted plaster / 18 1/2″x8 1/2″x9″ / Seattle Art Museum, WA

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Born February 24~ Ida Matton

Ida Elisabeth Matton (February 24, 1863-July 7, 1940) was a Swedish artist, primarily a sculptor, who was active in Paris for most of her adult life.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Sculpted Portrait of a Woman by Ida Matton
1891 / Terracotta / 13 3/4″x15 3/4″x11 4/5″ / Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

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Born February 18~ Takako Saito

Takako Saito (born 1929) is a Japanese artist closely associated with Fluxus, the international collective of avant-garde artists that was active primarily in the 1960s and 1970s.
Biography on Wikipedia:

70 cm. x 70 cm’s Freedom by Takako Saito
1991 / Assemblage: Iron box containing different objects with magnet / 39 2/5″x28″x6″

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