September 23, 1865~ French painter Suzanne Valadon is born

Portrait de Famille by Suzanne Valadon

André Utter, Suzanne Valadon, Maurice Utrillo, and Madeleine Valadon

1912 / Oil on canvas / 38”x28 3/4” / Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris

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September 16~ Le Seize Septembre (16th of September) by René Magritte

The Sixteenth of September by René Magritte

1956 / Oil on canvas / 45 1/4”x34 5/8” / KMSKA (Royal Museum of Fine Arts), Antwerp, Belgium

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September 15, 1963~ Church bombing kills 4 young girls in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham Totem by Charles W. White

1964 / Ink and charcoal on paper / 71 7/16”x40 1/16” / High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia

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September 13, 1922~ The Straw Hat Riot begins in New York City

Self-portrait with Straw Hat by Róbert Berény

1906 / Oil on canvas / 23”x17 1/3” / Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

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September 12, 1940~ Four teenagers discover ancient cave paintings

The Great Black Cow, detail of 1947 photograph by Ralph Morse

c.15,000 BC / Pigments derived from minerals / Lascaux Cave, Montignac, France

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