March 24, 1603~ James VI of Scotland ascends to the English throne

King James VI of Scotland, later James I of England, at 20
attributed to Adrian Vanson

c.1586 / Oil on panel / 13 3/4”x10” / National Trust for Scotland, Falkland Palace & Garden

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March 24~ Women’s History Month in visual arts

Edward Weston: Born March 24, 1886

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March 22, 1895~ First private screening of a projected motion picture

Sortie d’usine (Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory)
by Louis Lumière

1895 / Silent film documentary / Running time: 46 seconds /

None of them are dated, the case it seems of most of Lumiéres’ films. A contemporary report talked about the film shot on March 19 featuring a horse, so that rules out one version, which has a dog but sans horse. The other two versions must be judged by which looks more likely to have shot in March, from the workers’ clothes and the shadows they cast. What this uncertainty almost certainly means is that, after making what’s said to be the world’s first film, the Lumière brothers also made the world’s first remake, Fremaux joked.

Sortie d’usine – Lumière – Les 3 versions HD~

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March 22~ Retrospective Edition

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March 20, 1923~ Picasso’s first U.S. solo show in a noncommercial setting

Catalogue Cover for Original Drawings by Pablo Picasso

1923 / Catalogue of exhibition of original drawings by Pablo Picasso
Presented in The Art Institute of Chicago; hosted by The Arts Club of Chicago

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March 20~ Women’s History Month in visual arts

Art Forger Eric Hebborn: Born March 20, 1934

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March 18, 1990~ Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Theft

Chez Tortoni by Édouard Manet

c.1875 / Oil on canvas / 10 1/4”x13 3/8” / Stolen from Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

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Adam Elsheimer: Born March 18, 1578

Joseph Csaky: Born March 18, 1888

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March 17, 461 A.D.~ Saint Patrick dies in Saul, Downpatrick, Ireland

Saint Patrick Bishop of Ireland by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

c.1746 / Oil on canvas / 67 3/10”x129 1/10” / Civic Museum (Museo Civico di Padova), Padua, Italy

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Kate Greenaway: Born on March 17, 1846

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March 17: National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

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