October 21, 1959~ The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum opens

Solomon R. Guggenheim by Hilla Rebay

1928 / Oil on canvas / 60”x40” / Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC

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The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Timeline~
About Frank Lloyd Wright~ https://franklloydwright.org/frank-lloyd-wright/

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October 20, 1973~ Opening of the Sydney Opera House

Front Cover illustrating the Spherical Solution by Jørn Utzon

Back Cover indicating his inspirational sources by Jørn Utzon

1962 / 38 pages of plans, sections and elevations known as the Yellow Book
/ ©Utzon Archives / Aalborg University & Utzon Center

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October 19, 1943~ French sculptor Camille Claudel dies

The Wave or The Bathers by Camille Claudel

c.1897-1903 / Onyx, marble, and bronze / 24 2/5”x22”x19 5/8” / Musée Rodin, Paris, France

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October 16, 1384~ Jadwiga is Crowned King of Poland

The Oath of Jadwiga by Józef Simmler

After Jadwiga wed Gniewosz of Dalewice, a Polish knight and courtier who had opposed the marriage, spread gossip that she was having an affair. Jadwiga took a solemn oath stating that she had only had marital relations with her husband. After all the witnesses confirmed her oath, Gniewosz confessed that he had lied. The medieval penalty was to force Gniewosz to publicly get under a table, say: “I lied like a dog”, and bark a few times. Despite this, Gniewosz continued his career at the court even after Jadwiga’s death.

1867 / Oil on canvas / 114”x84 2/5” / National Museum, Warsaw, Poland

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October 15, 1939~ Dedication of NY Municipal Airport (later LaGuardia Airport)

Flight (detail), a mural by James Brooks

1939-1942; sealed and painted over 1952; uncovered and restored late 1970s; rededicated September 18, 1980
Painting on curved canvas panels / 12’x237’ / Marine Air Terminal, Terminal A, LaGuardia Airport

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October 13, 1399~ Coronation of England’s Henry IV at Westminster Abbey

Bolingbroke Claims the Crown by the Virgil Master

c.1401-1405 / From “Book of the Capture and Death of King Richard II” by Jean Creton
Colors and gold with ivy leaf border / 11”x4 1/5” / British Library, London, UK

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