January 7, 1929~ The action-adventure comic strip “Tarzan” debuts

“The Ape-Man and the Princess” by Hal Foster

April 9, 1933 / Edgar Rice BurroughsTarzan, as drawn by Hal Foster
Image from http://www.erbzine.com/mag8/0810.html

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Also debuting in newspapers on January 7, 1929~ Buck Rogers, drawn by Richard ‘Dick’ Calkins
Image from https://www.dailycartoonist.com/index.php/2019/01/06/first-and-last-buck-rogers-comic-strip/

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January 5, 1895~ Alfred Dreyfus dishonorably discharged and demoted

Le Capitaine Dreyfus from “The Dreyfus Affair” by Ben Shahn

1984 / Pochoir lithograph on paper / 15 7/16”x11 15/16”
various incl. Fogg Museum, Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, MA

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George Washington Carver: c.1864 – January 5, 1943

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January 3, 1496~ Leonardo unsuccessfully tests a flying machine [supposedly]

Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus) by Leonardo da Vinci
(Top) f.858 recto   (Bottom) f.860 recto

c.1478-1480 / Pen and ink on paper / 12-volumes, 1,119 pp / Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan, Italy

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January 2, 1935~ Jury selection begins for Lindbergh baby kidnapping trial

Hauptmann Must Die by Reginald Marsh

1935 / Egg tempera on masonite / 27-3/4”x35-3/4” / Indianapolis Museum of Art, Newfields, Indianapolis, IN

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January 1, 2020~ Happy New Year!

New Year’s Baby by Joseph Christian Leyendecker

1920 / Oil on canvas / 28”x21” / Private collection
Cover art for The Saturday Evening Post, January 3, 1920

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December 28, 1958~ “Greatest Game Ever Played”: Baltimore Colts defeat New York Giants

The Colts Defeat the Giants in Overtime by Daniel Bennett Schwartz

1958 / Oil on canvas / 32”x48” / Illustration for “Highlights of a Golden Decade”
by Roger
Kahn, Esquire magazine, December 1960

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