Born January 2~ Slava Raškaj

Slava Raškaj (January 2, 1877-March 29, 1906) was a Croatian watercolorist.
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Yellow Cock and White Hen / 1899 / Watercolor
Moderna Galerija, Zagreb, Croatia

Water Lilies I / 1899 / Watercolor
Moderna Galerija, Zagreb, Croatia

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Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month~ December 12

Indian Squirrel and Tamarind by William Hooker after James Forbes

1769 / Hand-colored aquatint engraving / 11 3/4″x8 7/8″ approx.
Various collections, including the British Library, London, UK

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The Art & Science of Indian Botanicals

National Native American Heritage Month~ November 1

Iroquois Mythological Giant Hunter Holding Weapons,
with a Deer and Bear under His Belt by David Cusick

c.1827 / Watercolor, brown ink, and brown gouache over graphite on beige paper, laid on canvas
15 1/4”x11 7/8” / New-York Historical Society, NY, NY

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June 21~ Pride Month

Charles Bell and Willard K.H. Ching

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Bell died in Manhattan, New York of lymphoma on April 1, 1995, at age 60. He had AIDS at the time of his death. His partner of 22 years, interior decorator Willard K.H. Ching, had died of an AIDS-related illness three years earlier, in 1992. They are buried alongside each other at Diamond Head Memorial Park, Honolulu, Honolulu County, Hawaii. ~Wikipedia

Interior Design by Willard Ching
ND / Watercolor / Private Collection











Gum Ball No. 10: “Sugar Daddy” by Charles Bell
1975 / Oil on canvas / Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NY, NY