March 11~ Women’s History Month in visual arts

Rosalba Carriera (1673/5-1757)
Italian portrait painter and miniaturist best known for her work in pastels

Gustavus Hamilton, Second Viscount Boyne, in Masquerade Costume / 1730–31 / Pastel on paper, laid down on canvas / 22 1/4”x16 7/8”





Susanna Drury (c.1698-c.1770)
Landscape painter, illustrator; best known for 2 gouache drawings of the Giant’s Causeway

A View of the Giant’s Causeway: East Prospect / 1740 / Gouache on vellum / dimensions?

March 6~ Women’s History Month in visual arts


Marietta Robusti (c.1555/1560-1590)
Venetian painter of the Renaissance period; daughter of Tintoretto

Portrait of Ottavio Strada / 1567-1568 / Oil on canvas / 50”x40”








Esther Inglis (1571-1624)
Scottish embroiderer, calligrapher, & miniaturist

Portrait in Cinquante Octonaires / 1607 / Royal Collection Trust