September 23, 1865~ French painter Suzanne Valadon is born

Portrait de Famille by Suzanne Valadon

André Utter, Suzanne Valadon, Maurice Utrillo, and Madeleine Valadon

1912 / Oil on canvas / 38”x28 3/4” / Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris

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September 19, 1947~ Jackie Robinson is first winner of MLB’s Rookie of the Year Award

Jackie Robinson Rookie Card by Leaf Gum Co, Chicago, IL

1948-1949 / Commercial chromolithograph / 2 7/8”x2 3/8” / Various collections, incl. The Met

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“Baseball Cards in the Jefferson R. Burdick Collection”~

In 1948 Bowman Gum, the descendant of the makers of the Play Ball cards, issued its first baseball issue. While not terribly good looking, these small black-and-white cards started the baseball card industry as we now know it. Bowman sold their cards with a stick of bubble gum. In the successive years, Bowman’s cards become more and more attractive. Their 1951 issue is extremely attractive and includes the Rookie Cards (first year cards) of baseball greats, Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays. In 1948-1949 Leaf produced a set that is popular today. These Leafs are quite ugly, but includes many ‘short prints’ (cards rarer than the other cards in the issue).

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September 16~ Le Seize Septembre (16th of September) by René Magritte

The Sixteenth of September by René Magritte

1956 / Oil on canvas / 45 1/4”x34 5/8” / KMSKA (Royal Museum of Fine Arts), Antwerp, Belgium

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September 15, 1963~ Church bombing kills 4 young girls in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham Totem by Charles W. White

1964 / Ink and charcoal on paper / 71 7/16”x40 1/16” / High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia

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