Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/20~

This Italian Renaissance ceramist and sculptor was the nephew of Luca della Robbia and assumed control of the family workshop after his uncle’s death in 1482.

This 20th century Japanese painter practiced the nihonga style of painting, which uses traditional Japanese artistic conventions, techniques, and materials.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/19~

Which artist produced some of Italian Futurism’s most iconic paintings and sculptures, despite his premature accidental death during World War I?

Which contemporary Belgian artist was so taken by the way Japanese calligraphers placed paper on the floor and bent over to work that he adopted the method?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/18~

This late 17th century painter was one of the most sought-after Italian artists of the day and, until Pablo Picasso, the most prolific artist who ever lived.

This American sculptor went to Paris in 1950 to study; when he returned to the US he began to produce the junkyard scrap metal compositions he is known for.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/10~

Living only thirty-six years, and plagued by frequent illness, this painter rose from an obscure background to achieve fame in Paris during the eighteenth century.

This Swiss sculptor and painter is best known for the tall, unnaturally thin figures which he sculpted in the late 1940s, a period followed by his rapid rise to fame.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/9~

Which 18th century French sculptor’s designs of figure groups for the Sèvres Manufactory porcelain factory are better known than his large-scale sculptures?

Which American neoclassical artist is celebrated as the first female professional sculptor, credited with opening the field of sculpture to women?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/7~

What experimental artist, known for Abstract Figurative and Early Modern styles, was one of the first African-American artists working in California to achieve a national reputation?

What Quebec painter and sculptor was the only Canadian artist involved with the seminal post-World War II École de Paris (School of Paris)?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/6~

This artist’s 1893 essay, Das Problem der Form (The Problem of Form), asserted that truth is revealed in form, with subject matter of relatively minor importance.

This Swiss-French architect, designer, painter, urban planner, and writer was one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture.

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Maya Lin: Born October 5, 1959

Although chiefly known as a sculptor, Lin also has worked on several architectural projects, which often have been noted for their emphasis on sustainability. Some of the high-profile works in this realm include the Langston Hughes Library (1999) and the Museum of Chinese in America in New York City (2009). Never one to fall into artistic complacency, Maya Lin has also created What Is Missing?, a multimedia, multi-location project that focused on bringing awareness to habitat loss.

For her life’s work, Lin was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 2009, and a film about the artist, Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision, won the 1994 Oscar for best documentary. Lin has served as a board member of the National Resources Defense Council and a member of the World Trade Center Site Memorial design jury. In 2016, she was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/5~

Which 18th Century Italian painter, from a family of artists, is considered to be among the last practitioners — along with his brothers — of the classic Venetian school of painting?

Which English sculptor and designer, being not as well known as some of his contemporaries, has been described as “the neglected genius of post-war British sculpture”?

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