Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/21~

What artist progressed from a freelance illustrator of ornithological books to establishing wildlife art as a genre?

What artist created a tall topiary sculpture of a West Highland White Terrier puppy comprised of soil and living flowers?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/17~

What American figurative sculptor’s lifelike figures, made of cast fiberglass and polyester resin and dressed in everyday clothes, often fooled the public into believing that they were viewing real people?

What cartoonist left Havana for New York in May 1960, knowing only Spanish, but with his daughter acting as interpreter went to the offices of Mad Magazine with his drawings and was hired on the spot?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/15~

This youngest member of De Stijl worked in numerous mediums, but three-dimensional relief — which he developed into a high art form — came to dominate his output.

This American sculptor, printmaker, and draftswoman is a pioneer with her use of unconventional materials, including scavenging and repurposing objects.

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Barbara Hepworth: Born January 10, 1903


Barbara Hepworth was a British sculptor, who was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire in 1903. She was a leading figure in the international art scene throughout a career spanning five decades. ~Who is Barbara Hepworth?


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Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/7~

Which French Naturalist painter and printmaker was elected in November 1900 to the Fine Arts Academy of the French Institute, one of the youngest painters to receive this honor?

Which American artist became a rising star in the 1980s for his graphite and charcoal series “Men in the Cities”, which depicted smartly dressed men and women flailing in awkward postures?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/3~

Which 17th-century European artist is considered the greatest French follower of Caravaggio, and one of the great champions of naturalistic painting?

Which Vermont-born artist, a neoclassical sculptor who worked in Florence for more than half a century, designed the Lincoln Tomb in Springfield, IL?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/2~

What German Expressionist sculptor, printmaker, and dramatist characteristically featured bulky, monumental figures in heavy drapery in a style often called “modern Gothic”?

What American painter’s abstract, biomorphic forms combined with vaguely representational imagery was part of the introduction of Surrealism into the U.S. in the early 1930s?

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