Born May 8~ Matilda Browne

Matilda Browne (May 8, 1869-November 3, 1947) was an American Impressionist artist noted for her flower paintings and her farm and cattle scenes.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Sunny Window by Matilda Browne
ND / Oil on canvas / 14″x11″ / Private collection

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Born May 7~ Suzy Frelinghuysen

Suzy Frelinghuysen (May 7, 1911-March 19, 1988) was an American abstract painter, and also an opera singer under the name Suzy Morris.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Composition: The Ring by Suzy Frelinghuysen
1943 / Oil and collage on masonite / 23-3/4″x19-7/8″ / Private collection

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Born May 6~ Gladys Nilsson

Gladys Nilsson (born May 6, 1940) is a contemporary American artist known for watercolors and collages.
Biography on National Gallery of Art:

Pink Suit #2 by Gladys Nilsson
1966 / Watercolor, over graphite on paper / 16-1/10″x10-1/10″ / Art Institute of Chicago, IL

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Born May 5~ Sarah Choate Sears

Sarah Choate Sears (May 5, 1858-September 25, 1935) was an American art collector, art patron, cultural entrepreneur, artist, and photographer.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Poppies by Sarah Choate Sears
1896 / Watercolor, gouache, and ink on paper / 13-3/4″x21-1/4″ / Private collection
Untitled (cyclamen, outdoors) by Sarah Choate Sears
c.1892-c.1905 / Gelatin silver print / 6″x8″ / Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, MA

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Born May 4~ Alice Nordin

Alice Nordin was a Swedish sculptor trained at the Higher School of Art and Crafts in Stockholm, the Royal Art Academy, and later in France and Italy; she became best known for her portrait busts.
Biography on Olympedia:

A Memory by Alice Nordin
1899 / Patinated plaster / 19-1/4″x14-3/4″x11-4/5″ / National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

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Born May 3~ Dorr Bothwell

Dorr Hodgson Bothwell (May 3, 1902-September 24, 2000) was an American artist, designer, educator, and world-traveler; she’s particularly known for her innovative use of serigraphy as a fine art form.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Holiday by Dorr Bothwell
1947 / Color Screenprint / Image: 12-3/4″x9-7/10″ / Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, CA

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Born May 2~ Peggy Bacon

Margaret Frances “Peggy” Bacon (May 2, 1895-January 4, 1987) was an American printmaker, painter, illustrator, and caricaturist.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Lady Artist by Peggy Bacon
1925 / Drypoint on white wove paper / Plate: 6″x4″ / Various collections including Brooklyn Museum, NYC

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Born May 1~ Cecilia Beaux

Painter Cecilia Beaux (May 1, 1855-September 17, 1942) “successfully negotiated the gender separatism of the late nineteenth century while she gained international renown, allowing her to become the first full-time woman instructor at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.”
Biography on the Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia:

Mother and Daughter by Cecilia Beaux
1898 / Oil on canvas / 83″x44″ / Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

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Born April 30~ Perle Fine

Perle Fine (April 30, 1905-May 31, 1988) was an American painter, printmaker, and teacher who became one of the few women artists associated with the abstract expressionists.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Plan for the White City by Perle Fine
1950 / Oil and sand on canvas / 56-1/4″x38-1/4″ / Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, N.Y.

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Born April 29~ Eva Besnyö

Eva Besnyő (April 29, 1910-December 12, 2003) was a Dutch-Hungarian photographer who participated in the Nieuwe Fotografie (New Photography) movement.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Boy With Cello, Balaton, Hungary by Eva Besnyö
1931 / Gelatin silver print / 16-3/4″x15-2/5″ / Various collections

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