Born October 23~ Lygia Clark

Lygia Clark (October 23, 1920-April 25, 1988) was a Brazilian painter, sculptor, and installation artist. Her later works were more holistic with a focus on psychotherapy and healing.
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Bicho Pássaro do Espaço by Lygia Clark
1960 / Aluminum / 19-3/4″x20″x3/8″ / San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, CA

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Born October 22~ Henriette Wyeth

Henriette Wyeth Hurd (October 22, 1907-April 3, 1997), the eldest daughter of illustrator N.C. Wyeth, was an American artist noted for her portraits and still life paintings.
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Andrew Wyeth by Henriette Wyeth
1956 / Oil on canvas / 17-5/16 x 15-3/16″ / National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, DC

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Born October 21~ Brigitte Coudrain

Brigitte Coudrain (born October 21, 1934) is a French engraver, painter, and illustrator.
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New York City by Brigitte Coudrain
1967 / Color lithograph / 21″x18″ / Smithsonian American Art Museum, DC

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Born October 20~ Ella Bergmann-Michel

Ella Bergmann-Michel (October 20, 1896-August 8, 1971) was a German abstract artist, photographer, and documentary filmmaker.
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Fischlein Rot Stech Dich Tot by Ella Bergmann-Michel / 1918
Pen and India ink and red ink, gold paint, gouache, watercolor, pencil and printed paper collage on paper
19-5/8″x16-1/8″ / Private collection

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Born October 19~ Jacqueline Marval

Jacqueline Marval was the pseudonym for Marie Josephine Vallet (October 19, 1866-May 28, 1932), who was a French painter, lithographer and sculptor.
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La belle Gretchen by Jacqueline Marval
ND / Oil on canvas / 24″x19-3/4″ / Private collection

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Born on October 18~ Fanny Y. Cory

Fanny Young Cory (October 18, 1877-July 28, 1972) was an illustrator for magazines and books, a watercolorist, and one of America’s first female syndicated cartoonists.
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Illustration for The Fanny Cory Mother Goose by Fanny Y. Cory
1913 / 11″x9″, 73 pages / Bobs-Merrill Company Publishers, NY

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Born October 17~ Marina Núñez del Prado

Bolivian artist Marina Núñez del Prado (October 17, 1910-September 9, 1995) was one of the most respected sculptors from Latin America. She carved from native Bolivian woods, as well as black granite, alabaster, basalt, and white onyx.
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Flores de los Andes by Marina Núñez del Prado
c.1945 / Glazed terracotta / 22-1/5″x15-3/4″ / Private collection

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Born October 16~ Anna Waser

Anna Waser (October 16, 1678-September 20, 1714) was a Swiss miniature painter, draftsman, etcher, and calligrapher. She received her first drawing and painting lessons at the age of 12. Almost all of Waser’s work has been lost.
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Portrait of Mr. Sulzer from Winterthur by Anna Waser
ND / 4-1/3″x3-1/10″ / Watercolor on parchment / Private collection

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Born October 15~ Minna Citron

Minna Wright Citron (October 15, 1896-December 23, 1991) was an American painter and printmaker. In the early 1940s, Citron’s work shifted from figurative work towards a more abstract style.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Men Seldom Make Passes by Minna Citron
1946 / Soft-ground etching, engraving, aquatint, and gauffrage with stencil / Image: 14-15/16″x9-1/4″
Various collections, including Palmer Museum of Art, Penn State University, University Park, PA

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Born October 14~ Grace Drayton

Grace Drayton (October 14, 1878-January 31, 1936) was an illustrator, the creator of the Campbell Soup Kids, and one of the first and most successful female cartoonists.
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Campbell’s Soup Recipe Book Cover by Grace Drayton
1916 / J. Campbell Co., Camden, N.J. / 6″x7-1/2″ / Hathi Trust Digital Library

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