Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/22~

What artist, whom Picture Post magazine called “the greatest war photographer in the world”, died in Vietnam when he stepped on a land mine in 1954?

What artist coined the term Combines for his non-traditional materials and methods which blurred the division between painting and sculpture?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/20~

This Italian Renaissance ceramist and sculptor was the nephew of Luca della Robbia and assumed control of the family workshop after his uncle’s death in 1482.

This 20th century Japanese painter practiced the nihonga style of painting, which uses traditional Japanese artistic conventions, techniques, and materials.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/19~

Which artist produced some of Italian Futurism’s most iconic paintings and sculptures, despite his premature accidental death during World War I?

Which contemporary Belgian artist was so taken by the way Japanese calligraphers placed paper on the floor and bent over to work that he adopted the method?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/18~

This late 17th century painter was one of the most sought-after Italian artists of the day and, until Pablo Picasso, the most prolific artist who ever lived.

This American sculptor went to Paris in 1950 to study; when he returned to the US he began to produce the junkyard scrap metal compositions he is known for.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/17~

Which Italian portrait painter of the late Florentine school was so technically skilled that several copies he made of Correggio’s works were thought to be duplicates by Correggio himself?

Which painter and printmaker, a pioneer of American Impressionism and perhaps its most prolific and successful practitioner, was noted for his urban and coastal scenes?

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Kerry James Marshall: Born October 17, 1955

“For me,” he said in his MCA Chicago lecture, “the thing that has the greatest transformative capacity in the art world today, in terms of what people expect to see when they go to the art museum, is a painting that has a black figure in it, because 95 percent of all the other paintings you see are going to have white figures in them. The whole history of representation is built on the representation of white folks. Now, all of that stuff is good, so you have to figure out how to get good like that, and then get in there on the terms that are relevant for now.” Marshall has done this “from the ground up,” as Metropolitan Museum curator Ian Alteveer put it, working through historical styles and genres, including Rococo love scenes, large-scale history paintings, and Impressionist plein air fetes.

Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/15~

What romantic American painter remained institutionalized after a breakdown in 1891, during which time prices for work he’d previously sold skyrocketed while his family languished in poverty?

What American modernist painter and photographer was an impressive Colorist, one of the first painters to bring Cubism to America, and a pioneer of the Precisionist movement?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/14~

Which 15th century Florentine painter was a follower of scientific realists and naturalists in artwork and contributed to the fledgling art of landscape painting?

Which 17th century portrait painter was prolific and successful but, as a painter at Charles I’s court, had the bad luck to be overshadowed by Anthony van Dyck?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/13~

What Italian High Renaissance painter started a studio with Fra Bartolomeo, whose technique he copied so well that for years their works were sometimes confused?

What prominent 18th century Scottish portrait-painter eloped with one of his drawing pupils, whose baronet father never forgave her for marrying an artist?

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