September 24, 1952~ First KFC franchise opens in Salt Lake City, Utah

Kentucky Fried Chicken by Richard Estes

2007 / Silkscreen with 110 colors on paper / 28 1/2”x20” / Various: Edition of 58 + 8 AP

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“Utah Is Home To The First KFC In The Country”~

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Self Portraits~August 26

Self-Portrait  by  Andy Warhol

1967 / Oil and silkscreen ink on canvas /45”x67 1/2” / San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

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Untitled #479 by Cindy Sherman

1975 / 23 hand-colored gelatin silver prints / 20 1/2”x33 1/2” / Collection of Dorothy & Peter Waldt

Pride Month~ June 19

Cy Twombly (1928-2011) Iconic large-scale marks scribbled and smeared on raw canvas or linen

Untitled [Gaeta] / 2007 / Acrylic, wax crayon, lead pencil on wooden panel / 99 1/4”x217 3/8”

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) Artist, director and producer explored popular culture in his work

Flowers / 1964 / Offset lithograph / sheet: 22 13/16”x23 1/16″

February 11~ African-American visual artists

Richmond Barthé (1901-1989)
African-American sculptor with many notable public works

Head of a Woman / date? / Bronze / 15”x9x8 1/2”




William H. Johnson (1901-1970)
African-American expressionist painter and printmaker

Training for War / c.1941 / Screenprint and pochoir with hand additions / 11 7/16”x17 3/8″

Barbara Kruger: Born January 26, 1945

Kruger.jpgBarbara Kruger ~ By Christopher Bollen ~ Published 02/28/13

Kruger’s spectacular corpus, spanning four decades, is often described as political—and it is. But just as much it creates these moments of internal identity confusion in which we don’t know if we are acting as victim, oppressor, or witness. Usually, we are all of the above.

Kruger famously—and perhaps, at first, inadvertently—got her training as an artist the hard way: through a full-time job as a magazine designer at Condé Nast, starting out at Mademoiselle. And while some of those early layout techniques of bold graphics inform her work, a pulsating visual-linguistic triple-take keeps all of her pieces so alive that she’s become known for her own immediately identifiable, authoritative style—even if authority is what is being questioned in the authoritative typeface.

Source: Barbara Kruger – Page – Interview Magazine

Artist Birthday Quiz for 9/7~

What self-taught artist started out by making needlework pictures and quilts portraying colorful scenes of farm life, and only began painting at 78 when arthritis rendered her unable to embroider?

What painter and educator documented the African-American experience in several series devoted to Toussaint L’Ouverture, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, life in Harlem, and the civil rights movement of the 1960s?

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