Born October 20~ Ella Bergmann-Michel

Ella Bergmann-Michel (October 20, 1896-August 8, 1971) was a German abstract artist, photographer, and documentary filmmaker.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Fischlein Rot Stech Dich Tot by Ella Bergmann-Michel / 1918
Pen and India ink and red ink, gold paint, gouache, watercolor, pencil and printed paper collage on paper
19-5/8″x16-1/8″ / Private collection

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Born October 16~ Anna Waser

Anna Waser (October 16, 1678-September 20, 1714) was a Swiss miniature painter, draftsman, etcher, and calligrapher. She received her first drawing and painting lessons at the age of 12. Almost all of Waser’s work has been lost.
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Portrait of Mr. Sulzer from Winterthur by Anna Waser
ND / 4-1/3″x3-1/10″ / Watercolor on parchment / Private collection

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Born September 20~ Adrian Piper

“Adrian Margaret Smith Piper (born September 20, 1948) is a first-generation Conceptual artist and analytic philosopher who was born in New York City.”
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Political Self-Portrait #2 (Race) by Adrian Piper
1978 / Photostat collage / 36″x24″ / Richard and Ellen Sandor Family Collection

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Born August 31~ Margarett Sargent

Margarett Williams Sargent (August 31, 1892-1978) was a painter in the Ashcan School; she exhibited as Margarett Sargent and as Margarett W. McKean.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Woman in Striped Chair by Margarett Sargent
1932 / Oil on canvas / 28-3/8″x22-2/8″ / Collisart LLC, NY, NY

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Born August 10~ Susanne Maria von Sandrart

Susanne Maria von Sandrart (August 10, 1658-December 20, 1716) was a German artist and engraver.
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Reading Woman and Big Cat, Looking in the Mirror by Susanne Maria von Sandrart
Pen and ink drawing / Germanisches National Museum, Nuremberg, Germany

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Born July 23~ Hilda Wilkinson Brown

Hilda Rue Wilkinson Brown (July 23, 1894–July 12, 1981) was an American illustrator, painter, printmaker, and educator.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Oak Bluffs by Hilda Wilkinson Brown
c.1940 / Graphite, with erasing on paper / 16″x11″ / Art Institute of Chicago, IL

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Born June 27~ Beth Van Hoesen

Beth Van Hoesen (June 27, 1926-November 26, 2010) was an American artist best known for her prints and drawings of animals and botanical subjects. In 1953, she married fellow artist Mark Adams.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Mark in Front of Self-Portrait by Beth Van Hoesen
1966 / Graphite on cream wove paper / 14″x12-3/4″ / Art Institute of Chicago, IL

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Born June 7~ Evelyn Statsinger

Evelyn Statsinger (June 7, 1927-February 13, 2016) was a multi-disciplinary artist working across media, including painting, drawing, and sculpture.
Biography on Gray Gallery:

Bountiful Landscape by Evelyn Statsinger
1976 / Oil on linen / 48″x38″ / Art Institute of Chicago, IL

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Born June 5~ Jean Follett

Jean Follett (June 5, 1917-July 6, 1990) was an American sculptor and assemblage artist. She was a member of the New York abstract art movement of the 1940s and 1950s.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Many-Headed Creature by Jean Follett
1958 / Light switch and socket, cooling coils, window screen, nails, faucet knobs, mirror, twine, cinders, castor, springs, wood, wire chain, and rope on wood panel / 24″x24″x4-3/4″ / MoMA, NYC

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Born May 30~ Antonina Houbraken

Antonina Houbraken (May 30, 1686-December 1736) was an 18th-century Dutch artist who specialized in portrait drawings, topographical drawings, and publication title pages.
Biography on Wikipedia:

View of Beusichem from the Lek by Antonina Houbraken
1729 / Pen and brush on paper / 4-3/4″x7-2/5″ / Private collection, Netherlands

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