Black History Month in Visual Arts~ February 4

American Mixture of Ethiopian Race by Mary A. Bell

Before 1938 / Crayon on paper / 20 1/2”x15 1/2” / Carl Van Vechten papers,
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale, New Haven, CT

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January 3, 1496~ Leonardo unsuccessfully tests a flying machine [supposedly]

Atlantic Codex (Codex Atlanticus) by Leonardo da Vinci
(Top) f.858 recto   (Bottom) f.860 recto

c.1478-1480 / Pen and ink on paper / 12-volumes, 1,119 pp / Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan, Italy

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December 18, 1271~ Kublai Khan issues imperial edict establishing the Yuan dynasty

Kublai Khan Hunting by Liu Guandao (or Liu Kuan-tao)

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1280 / Hanging scroll, ink and colors on silk / 72”x41” / National Palace Museum, Taiwan

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November 29, 394~ Taejo of Joseon moves Korean capital to Hanyang (now Seoul)

Portrait of King Taejo of Joseon by
Jo Jung-muk, Park Gi-jun, Baek Eun-bae, Yu Suk

1872 / Hanging Scroll, ink and color on silk / 85 4/5”x59”
Royal Portrait Museum, Gyeonggijeon Shrine, Jeonju, South Korea

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October 20, 1973~ Opening of the Sydney Opera House

Front Cover illustrating the Spherical Solution by Jørn Utzon

Back Cover indicating his inspirational sources by Jørn Utzon

1962 / 38 pages of plans, sections and elevations known as the Yellow Book
/ ©Utzon Archives / Aalborg University & Utzon Center

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September 15, 1963~ Church bombing kills 4 young girls in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham Totem by Charles W. White

1964 / Ink and charcoal on paper / 71 7/16”x40 1/16” / High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia

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August 28, 1917~ 10 Suffragists Arrested While Picketing at the White House

Votes for Women by Bertha Margaret Boyé*

1911 / Lithographic poster / 23”x15 1/2” / Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe Institute

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Picketing for Suffrage~

* I found very little biographical information on Bertha Margaret Boyé on the web. I did find this pdf file, where a bio appears [p.37 of the pdf , which is p.330 of the book the file was made from]. File does not download automatically; you can read it in your browser.

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