Born July 23~ Hilda Wilkinson Brown

Hilda Rue Wilkinson Brown (July 23, 1894–July 12, 1981) was an American illustrator, painter, printmaker, and educator.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Oak Bluffs by Hilda Wilkinson Brown
c.1940 / Graphite, with erasing on paper / 16″x11″ / Art Institute of Chicago, IL

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Born July 21~ Edwina Dumm

Frances Edwina Dumm (July 21, 1893-April 28, 1990) was a comic strip artist, writer, and illustrator, as well as America’s first full-time female editorial cartoonist.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Cap Stubbs & Tippie by Edwina Dumm
Cap Stubbs was a strip that debuted in 1918 and lasted under various titles until Edwina Dumm retired in 1966

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Born July 16~ Mildred Coughlin

Mildred Coughlin (July 16, 1892-December 3, 1984) was an American artist known for painting, illustration, and printmaking.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Corner of Christopher and Bleeker St., N.Y. by Mildred Coughlin
C.1924-1930 / Etching on paper / 6-1⁄8″x5-1⁄4″ / Smithsonian American Art Museum, DC

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Born July 2~ Fumiko Hori

Fumiko Hori (July 2, 1918-February 5, 2019) was a Japanese artist best known for her paintings in the modern Japanese style of Nihonga.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Bippu to Chocho [Bip and the Butterfly] illustrated by Fumiko Hori
1956 / Written by Jun’ichi Yoda/ Published by Fukuinkan Shoten

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Born July 1~ Alice Barber Stephens

Alice Barber Stephens (July 1, 1858-July 13, 1932) was an American painter and engraver, best remembered for her illustrations.
Biography on Wikipedia:

“Selma threw herself at full length on the ground” by Alice Barber Stephens
1895 / Watercolor and gouache / Sheet size: 21-1/2″x14-3/5″
Illustration for story “Three Chapters” by Gertrude Blake Stanton / The Cosmopolitan magazine / April 1895

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Born June 25~ Rose O’Neill

Rose Cecil O’Neill (June 25, 1874-April 6, 1944) was an American artist and writer who became the best-known and highest-paid female commercial illustrator in the US after creating the Kewpie.
Biography on Wikipedia:

“Looking in at the Windows” by Rose O’Neill
Original art for page 85 of The Loves of Edwy, Lothrop Publishing Co.
c.1904 / Ink on Paper / 21-7/10″x15-1/5″ / Drury University Art Collection, Springfield, MO

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Born June 19~ Maginel Wright Enright Barney

Maginel Wright Enright Barney (June 19, 1881-April 18, 1966) was an American children’s book illustrator and graphic artist. She was the younger sister of Frank Lloyd Wright and the mother of Elizabeth Enright.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Cover for Woman’s World, August 1919 by Maginel Wright Enright Barney
1919 / Ink, watercolor, gouache, and graphite on illustration board
17-1/8″x9-3/16″ / Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE

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Born June 14~ Agnes Tait

Agnes Tait (June 14, 1894-August 23, 1981) was an American painter, pen-and-ink artist, lithographer, book illustrator, and muralist.
Biography on Wikipedia:

above: The Aristocrat by Agnes Tait / 1936 / Lithograph / Image: 13-1/2″x9-15/16″
Various collections, including Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, TX
below: Felicity by Agnes Tait / 1937 / Lithograph / Image: 13-1/4″x10-9/16″
Various collections, including Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, TX

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Born June 4(?)~ Natalia Goncharova

Natalia Goncharova (June 16 [June 4 Old Style*] or July 3 [June 21 Old Style*] – October 17, 1962) was a Russian avant-garde artist, painter, costume designer, writer, illustrator, and set designer.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Cyclist by Natalia Goncharova
1913 / Oil on canvas / 30-3/4″x41-1/3″ / The State Russian Museum, St Petersburg, RU

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Born May 24~ Maximilienne Guyon

Maximilienne Guyon (May 24, 1868-1903) was a French painter, watercolorist, printmaker, and illustrator.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Young Girl Leaning by Maximilienne Guyon
Before 1897 / Oil on canvas / 32-1/3″x25-3/5″ / Musée de La Roche-sur-Yon, France

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