Autoportrait Day 323~ Bettina Bauer-Ehrlich

A random survey of self-portraits created by women through the centuries

Austrian painter, illustrator, printmaker, and
author Bettina Bauer-Ehrlich (1903-1985)

Self-portrait, 1928 / Digitally colored version of photographer Bruno Reiffenstein‘s image
of the lost painting / ©Belvedere Archive, Vienna, Austria

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Autoportrait Day 318~ Dindga McCannon

A random survey of self-portraits created by women through the centuries

Artist, educator, author, and illustrator Dindga McCannon (born 1947)

Threads of the Past, Inspiration for the Future, 2000 / Mixed media quilt / Fridman Gallery, NYC

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Autoportrait Day 313~ Wanda Gág

A random survey of self-portraits created by women through the centuries

American artist, printmaker, illustrator, author, and translator
Wanda Hazel Gág (1893-1946)

1. Self-Portrait in a Three-Way Mirror, ND / Graphite and black crayon / Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA

2. Self-Portrait, 1914 / Charcoal and chalk / Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA

3. Self-Portrait, 1915 / Pastel and charcoal / Minneapolis Institute of Art, MN

4. Self-Portrait in Dresser Mirror: Cream Hill, 1930 / Brush and black ink / Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA

5. Self-Portrait, 1943 / Linocut / Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA

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Born December 27~ Ingri d’Aulaire

Ingri d’Aulaire (December 27, 1904-October 24, 1980) was a children’s book writer and illustrator, who worked in collaboration with her husband and fellow artist, Edgar Parin d’Aulaire.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Illustration from The Conquest of the Atlantic by Ingri and Edgar Parin d’Aulaire
1933 / Lithograph / 55 pp, 12″x10″ / Viking Press, New York

Ingri d’Aulaire on Goodreads:

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Born December 10~ Elizabeth Olds

Elizabeth Olds (December 10, 1896-March 4, 1991) was an American artist known for her work in developing silkscreen as a fine arts medium. She was also a painter, illustrator, and author of children’s books.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Me and Her by Elizabeth Olds
c.1940-1970 / Screenprint on paper / 17″x13″ / Smithsonian American Art Museum, DC

Elizabeth Olds on Artnet:

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Born November 9~ Mary Hallock Foote

Mary Hallock Foote (November 9, 1847-June 25, 1938) was an American author and illustrator best known for her stories and novels portraying life in mining communities of the old American West.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Cinching Up by Mary Hallock Foote
1889 / Wood engraving / Image 6-7/8″x4-15/16″ / Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, NY

Mary Hallock Foote on Old Book Illustrations:

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Born October 8~ Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold (born October 8, 1930) is an American painter, author, illustrator, mixed media sculptor, and performance artist, best known for her narrative quilts.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Sonny’s Bridge by Faith Ringgold
1986 / Acrylic on cotton canvas / 84-1/2″x60″ / High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA

Faith Ringgold on Artnet:

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Born April 13~ Lezley Saar

Lezley Saar (born April 13, 1953) is a visual artist whose paintings, mixed-media works, and altered books are centered on the human figure and on narration.
Biography on The Women’s Studio:

The Silent Woman by Lezley Saar
2015 / Acrylic on fabric on panel / 20″x16″ / Walter Maciel Gallery

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