March 18~ Women’s History Month in visual arts

Beatrix Potter (1866-1943), English writer, illustrator, natural scientist, and conservationist

Flammulina Velutipes, or Winter Mushrooms / 1892 / Watercolor / dimensions?










Elizabeth Shippen Green (1871-1954)
American illustrator; first female staff member of Harper’s Weekly

The Journey / Harper’s Monthly Magazine, December 1903 / Oil on canvas / 40”x28”

Kate Greenaway: Born on March 17, 1846


K is for Kate…Kate Greenaway

Kate Greenaway, English artist and book illustrator, was born in London on March 17, 1846. She was the daughter of John Greenaway, a well-known draughtsman and engraver on wood and Elizabeth Catherine Jones, a seamstress and children’s clothing designer. Her early education included life drawing and watercolor painting classes at Heatherleys in Chelsea and at the Slade School of Fine Art. She began to exhibit her drawings and watercolors in 1868 at London’s Dudley Gallery, and her first published illustrations appeared in such magazines as Little Folks.

With her father’s connections in the trade she was able to convince Edmund Evans, a well known color printer, to publish her first collection of poetry and drawings, Under the Window, in 1879. He was able to translate all the charm of Greenaway’s idyllic pastoral scenes to paper through a costly process that involved the photographing of her dainty water colors on to wood blocks. Against expert advice Evans published only 20,000 copies which immediately sold out and a second printing of 70,000 was produced.
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March 7~ Women’s History Month in visual arts

Chiara Varotari (1584-c.1663)
Italian Baroque painter, author, and founder of a school for the arts

Portrait of a Lady, probably Pantasilea Dotto Capodilista / c.1630 / Oil on canvas / 79”x46”



Fede Galizia (c.1574-c.1630)
Italian printmaker, painter, and a pioneer of the still life genre

Cherries in a Silver Compote / 1610 / Oil on Panel / 11”x16.5”

March 1~ Women’s History Month in visual arts


Illuminations in “Scivias” Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
German abbess, writer, composer, mystic, and perhaps artist; it is unclear how involved she was in the illustrations

Das Weltall (The Universe) / c.1165 / Manuscript illumination from “Scivias” by Hildegard of Bingen






Herrad von Landsberg (c.1130-1195)
Alsatian abbess, artist, author, poet, composer, and educator

Hell / c.1180 / Colored pen and ink drawing on paper, original no longer available

February 22~ African-American visual artists

Barbara Chase-Riboud (Born 1939)
African-American visual artist, novelist, and poet

Malcolm X #3 / 1969 / Polished bronze, rayon, and cotton / 8’ 6 1/2”x3’ 1”x2’ 8”



Purvis Young (1943-2010)
African-American artist blending painting/drawing/collage

Untitled / 1985-1999 / Paint on wood / 36”x47 1/4”x1”

February 21~ African-American visual artists

Roland L. Freeman (Born 1936)
African-American photographer, teacher, and documenter of Southern folk culture

Bikers Take a Break / 1973, printed 1982 / Gelatin silver print / 11”x13 7/8”

Edythe (Edy) Boone (Born 1938)
African-American muralist, counselor, and art teacher

Those We Remember / 1995 / Mural / Located in Balmy Alley, San Francisco, California

Artist Birthday Quiz for 9/14~

The popularity of this artist’s drawings created a national sensation, dictating the fashions and manners of a generation and epitomizing the idealized characteristics of the turn-of-the-century American woman.

This creator of award-winning picture books for children was raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant and began drawing as a young child; his first book appeared in its entirety in Life magazine when he was 18 years old.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 8/21~

What painter, born in 1725, is fabled to have convinced his father of his natural aptitude for painting when the parent mistook his son’s pen-and-ink drawing of Saint James for an engraving?

What illustrator’s fame was established when the first volume of  The Yellow Book — an art and literature quarterly for which he served as art editor as well as contributing drawings and covers — appeared in April 1894?

Answers here~

Artist Birthday Quiz for 8/5~

Which early member of the American Abstract Artists group articulated her philosophical theorems not only through her art but also through her writing, lectures, teaching, and poetry?

Which pioneering Russian-born Constructivist artist, a pioneer of Kinetic Art, used materials such as glass, plastic, and metal and created a sense of spatial movement in his work?

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