Born July 31~ Dindga McCannon

Dindga McCannon (born July 31, 1947) is an African-American fiber artist, muralist, costume designer, teacher, author, printmaker, and illustrator.
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Mary Lou Williams-Jazz Pianist by Dindga McCannon
2017 / Machine embroidery, appliqué, fabrics, vintage trim, plastic beads, sequins / 44″x31″ / Private collection

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Born May 10~ Lenore Tawney

Lenore Tawney (May 10, 1907-September 24, 2007) was an American artist known for her sculptural weaving and assemblages.
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Lenore Tawney with Drawing In Air XV (The Crossing)
1998 / Linen, wood / 96″x48″x24″ / Lenore G. Tawney Foundation

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