Autoportrait Day 181~ Tobi Alexandra Falade

A random survey of self-portraits created by women through the centuries

Nigerian-born British artist Tobi Alexandra Falade (born 1995)

1. Between Two Worlds, 2019 / Oil on canvas / Höttinger Collection, London, UK

2. My Other, 2019 / Bronze / Private collection

3. We Will Come Find You, 2020 / Oil on linen / Private collection

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Autoportrait Day 148~ Wendy Red Star

A random survey of self-portraits created by women through the centuries

Apsáalooke multimedia artist Wendy Red Star (born 1981)

The Four Seasons series, 2006 / Archival pigment prints on paper
Various collections, including Asheville Art Museum, North Carolina

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Born December 17~ Paula Wilson

Paula Wilson (born December 17, 1975) is an American mixed-media artist creating works examining cultural history, individual identity, and the female persona.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Data Unloaded by Paula Wilson
2008 / Collage, watercolor, colored pencil on paper / 41-1/4″x26″
Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

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Born December 1~ Eileen Agar

Eileen Forrester Agar RA (December 1, 1899-November 17, 1991) was a British-Argentinian painter, sculptor, photographer, and collage artist associated with the Surrealist movement.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Quadriga by Eileen Agar
1935 / Oil on canvas / 20″x24″ / ©The estate of Eileen Agar

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Born October 25~ Vija Celmins

Vija Celmins (born October 25, 1938) is a Latvian American artist, sculptor, and printmaker best known for her photo-based drawings and paintings.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Letter by Vija Celmins / 1968
Collage and graphite on acrylic ground on paper / 13-1/4″x18-1/8″ / Matthew Marks Gallery, NY & LA

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Born October 20~ Ella Bergmann-Michel

Ella Bergmann-Michel (October 20, 1896-August 8, 1971) was a German abstract artist, photographer, and documentary filmmaker.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Fischlein Rot Stech Dich Tot by Ella Bergmann-Michel / 1918
Pen and India ink and red ink, gold paint, gouache, watercolor, pencil and printed paper collage on paper
19-5/8″x16-1/8″ / Private collection

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Born October 12~ Carolee Schneemann

Carolee Schneemann (October 12, 1939-March 6, 2019) was an American visual experimental artist, known for her multi-media works on the body, narrative, sexuality and gender.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Four Fur Cutting Boards by Carolee Schneemann / 1962-63
Oil paint, umbrellas, motors, light bulbs, string lights, photographs, fabric, lace, hubcaps, printed papers, mirror, nylon stockings, nails, hinges, and staples on wood / 90-1/2″x131″x52″ / ©Estate of Carolee Schneemann

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