Artist Birthday Quiz for 12/15~

What German-born Dutch artist constructed his most famous work — a photomontage created from a collage of two hundred photographs, prints, and postcards pasted and arranged on a secondary support — in 1923?

What 20th century Italian sculptor is most remembered for his monument to Pope Pius XII in St. Peter’s Basilica and for an enormous bronze of a horse outside the headquarters of the state-owned broadcasting system?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/29~

What second generation Abstract Expressionist painter’s surfaces tended to be neither geometric nor gestural, and to be dominated by one color and one shape?

What artist created “Time Dust” (1992), measuring seven by thirty-five feet and considered at the time to be the largest and most complex fine art print ever made?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/22~

What artist, whom Picture Post magazine called “the greatest war photographer in the world”, died in Vietnam when he stepped on a land mine in 1954?

What artist coined the term Combines for his non-traditional materials and methods which blurred the division between painting and sculpture?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 9/2~

What artist, famous for his themes of African-American life, was a longtime social worker and active in several arts organizations dedicated to promoting minority artists?

What German photographer decided to leave advertising to study at the Düsseldorf Academy, where she taught photography and also met her future husband & artistic partner?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 8/27~

This Dutch Golden Age artist, specializing in richly detailed flower paintings and other still lifes, often included an image of a red admiral butterfly (symbolizing life, death and resurrection) in various locations within her paintings.

This American artist, once described as combining “bad taste and good ideas”, worked in every conceivable medium — found objects, textile banners, assemblage, collage, drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, music, video, and photography.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 8/24~

Which Renaissance painter, regarded as the first woman artist outside a court or convent, was commissioned to make not only portraits — the typical subject matter for women painters — but also religious and mythological paintings?

Which feminist artist — noted for her series such as Black Paintings and War Series — expressed her outrage and anger in both art and action, joining several activist groups including the Art Workers Coalition and Women Artists in Revolution?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 8/23~

Which Scottish artist and sculptor died in 2008 at age 100, having been the last living link with the art nouveau period in Glasgow?

Which artist produced ground-breaking works in the 60s that established his reputation as one of America’s leading conceptualists?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 8/6~

What artist originally completed a degree in radiochemistry, but left his job at the Hanford Atomic Energy Project and pursued art full-time due to his dismay about the threat of atomic weapons?

What British painter and printmaker was evacuated with his mother and sister to the USA during WWII, where he first saw work by Stuart Davis, Matisse, and Picasso at the Museum of Modern Art?

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Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven: Born July 12, 1874

BEvFLEarly last century, when the sight of a woman in trousers could still cause a flap, the spectacle of Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven must have aroused hairy panic.

With her five stray dogs trailing behind her on a gilded leash, she would walk regally through Washington Square Park, wearing a Duoshort Scottish kilt, a brassiere made from two tomato cans tied together with green string and, hanging from her neck, a wooden birdcage — with a live, chirping canary.

A Dada poet and collagist, artists’ model and troublemaker, she was called by those who knew Danceher simply “the Baroness.” In the late 1910’s and early 1920’s, the Baroness reigned among the intellectual avant-garde who laughed at sexual taboos and made art their revolution. But in the wildly colorful hothouse of Greenwich Village bohemia, the Baroness was the most exotic blossom of them all. “She is not a futurist,” Marcel Duchamp said. “She is the future.”

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