Artist Birthday Quiz for 5/20~

Which German baroque sculptor also worked as an architect and built many state buildings in Berlin during his role as Court Architect?

Which photojournalist and his wife became LIFE magazine’s first husband and wife photographer-reporter team to be sent overseas?

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Richard Avedon: May 15, 1923-Oct 1, 2004

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Nate Larson, Baltimore: All Night All Day

The Misty Miss Christy


Tired of the abstraction of media narratives, I wanted to look carefully and to make portraits of individuals. I asked each BPD officer present if I could make their portrait, and made a portrait of each who consented. I then made portraits of community members who gave their consent. It felt important to put faces to both groups – I’m suspicious of easy narratives and think that the truth is much more complicated.

These photographs are a small way of knowing my city in this difficult time.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/28~

The term this photographer invented to describe himself – Bildjournalist – is still the German word for photojournalist.

In 1960 this artist patented a color of his own invention, which he called International (__) Blue after himself.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/27~

Which painter and photographer with “an artist’s heart” achieved his enduring success as an inventor?

Which illustrator’s most recognizable work was not even executed by the artist himself, but were copies done by other artists?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/25~

This artist created a vocabulary of various signs and marks that read metaphorically, rather than according to any form of traditional iconography.

This Dutch-born artist was part of the original CoBrA group (Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam) founded at the Café de l’Hotel Notre Dame in Paris.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/22~

What German-Swiss painter helped to create the Schillerschule, Frankfurt’s first school for girls, in 1908?

What photographer, to make a living during the Depression, published postcards, worked on a series of slides on archaeological subjects, and even operated a turkey farm?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 4/12~

This Belgian sculptor and painter was one of the principal social-realist artists of the late 19th century in Europe.

In 1932 this photographer became one of the co-founders of the Group f/64, which aimed to “define photography as an art form by a simple and direct presentation through purely photographic methods”.

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