January 15, 1951~ Photograph of “The Irascibles” appears in LIFE magazine

The Irascibles by Nina Leen

Photographed November 24, 1950

“From left, rear, they are: Willem de Kooning, Adolph Gottlieb, Ad Reinhardt, Hedda Sterne; (next row) Richard Pousette-Dart, William Baziotes, Jimmy Ernst (with bow tie), Jackson Pollock (in striped jacket), James Brooks, Clyfford Still (leaning on knee), Robert Motherwell, Bradley Walker Tomlin; (in foreground) Theordoros Stamos (on bench), Barnett Newman (on stool), Mark Rothko (with glasses).”

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Entire issue online here~ https://tinyurl.com/LIFE-magazine-Google-Books

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January 10, 1924~ Bebop drummer Max Roach is born

Max Roach by Jean-Michel Basquiat

1984 / Acrylic and oil paintstick on canvas / 60”x60” / Private collection

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1984 NEA Jazz Master Max Roach~ https://www.arts.gov/honors/jazz/max-roach

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January 1, 2020~ Happy New Year!

New Year’s Baby by Joseph Christian Leyendecker

1920 / Oil on canvas / 28”x21” / Private collection
Cover art for The Saturday Evening Post, January 3, 1920

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December 11, 1936~ Edward VIII announces he has abdicated the throne

Woman of the Year 1936 by Dorothy Wilding

TIME named Wallis Warfield Simpson as their first-ever Woman of the Year

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Left: Cover of TIME magazine by Dorothy Wilding / January 4, 1937
Hand colored photograph / Volume XXIX, Number 1
Right: Wallis, Duchess of Windsor by Dorothy Wilding / 1935 / Bromide print
9 7/8”x7 1/8” / National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

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December 10, 1884~ Russian painter Zinaida Serebriakova is born

Self-portrait in a Scarf by Zinaida Serebriakova

1911 / Tempera on paper / 14 1/2”x11 5/8” / Museum of Private Collections,
Dept of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

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December 6, 1856~ German-Swiss artist Louise Catherine Breslau is born

Self Portrait Holding a Dog by Marie Louise Catherine Breslau

1891 / Oil on mahogany panel / 18”x15 1/3” / Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Strasbourg, France

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