Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/19~

Which artist produced some of Italian Futurism’s most iconic paintings and sculptures, despite his premature accidental death during World War I?

Which contemporary Belgian artist was so taken by the way Japanese calligraphers placed paper on the floor and bent over to work that he adopted the method?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/17~

Which Italian portrait painter of the late Florentine school was so technically skilled that several copies he made of Correggio’s works were thought to be duplicates by Correggio himself?

Which painter and printmaker, a pioneer of American Impressionism and perhaps its most prolific and successful practitioner, was noted for his urban and coastal scenes?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 9/18~

What photographer helped establish the 19th century’s largest manufacturer and distributor of photographic supplies in the U.S. when he joined his brother’s business in 1852?

What contemporary painter’s meticulously observed oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings are dominated by two subjects: the floors of interior spaces and the trees on her property?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 9/15~

Which American architectural sculptor (whose work ornamented more than 30 buildings) also designed and sculpted medals, the Newbury and Caldecott being his most famous?

Which American artist is best known for his vivid, frequently surrealist, depictions of Southern life that focus on the social issues of racial injustice and violence during the 1940s?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 9/13~

What sculptor’s fireplace mantel repair work for a stonecutting firm in Baltimore so impressed his customer William Walters, who would go on to found the Walters Art Museum, that he sponsored the artist?

What painter, sculptor, and printmaker, having found wild success with his LOVE image, chose to remove himself from the New York art world in 1978 and settled on the remote island of Vinalhaven in Maine?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 9/7~

What self-taught artist started out by making needlework pictures and quilts portraying colorful scenes of farm life, and only began painting at 78 when arthritis rendered her unable to embroider?

What painter and educator documented the African-American experience in several series devoted to Toussaint L’Ouverture, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, life in Harlem, and the civil rights movement of the 1960s?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 9/6~

What Mad Magazine artist studied architecture at the University of Mexico, despite having already begun his cartooning career at age 17 by selling professionally to a wide array of Mexican publications?

What Post-Minimal painter also designed two large mosaic murals for the New York City subway system: one at the 59th Street/Lexington Avenue station and another at the 23rd Street/Ely Avenue Station?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 9/5~

This American abstract painter, lithographer, and photographer is best known for his Precisionist paintings but developed an increasingly flat yet dynamic hard-edged style as time went on.

In later years, this American avant-garde composer created visual art, bringing the same procedures of chance and mathematical formulas to his drawings and prints that he used for his music.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 9/3~

What American printmaker, painter, and sculptor developed the collagraph, a layered cardboard relief print process that could be carved like a woodcut?

What cartoonist’s most famous character was originally called “Spider”, a college student who became popular when he enlisted in the army during the Korean War?

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