Born January 8~ Elisabetta Sirani

Elisabetta Sirani (January 8, 1638-August 28, 1665) was an Italian Baroque painter and printmaker.
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Virgin and Child by Elisabetta Sirani
1663 / Oil on canvas / 34″x27 1/2″ / National Museum of Women in the Arts, DC

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Born January 6~ Ruth Gikow

Ruth Gikow (January 6, 1915 Ukraine-1982 New York City) was an American visual artist.
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Interior by Ruth Gikow / N.D. / Smithsonian American Art Museum, DC

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Born January 4~ Frances H. Gearhart

Frances H. Gearhart (January 4, 1869-April 4, 1959) was an American printmaker and watercolorist.
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Above the Trail / c.1925 / Image: 12″x10 1/16″
Various collections, including The Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, NY

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“The Gearhart sisters, California artists and educators”:

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National Arts and Humanities Month~ October 27

Knitting in the Library by Mary Cassatt

c.1881 / Softground etching and aquatint / Various collections, incl. Cleveland Museum of Art, OH

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Working drawing for the print, from the Cleveland Museum of Art: