Born January 16~ Gerta Overbeck

Gerta Overbeck was a painter, teacher, and a participant in the German New Objectivity movement
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Six-day race Westfalenhalle Dortmund by Gerta Overbeck
1926 / Indian ink drawing on paper / 8 4/5″x11 1/4″
Museum for Art and Cultural History of the City of Dortmund, Germany

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June 23~ Pride Month

George Platt Lynes, Monroe Wheeler, and Glenway Wescott

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Wescott was the author of novels, poetry, short stories, and essays…He met Wheeler, his life partner, in 1919 in Chicago; they settled in France in 1925, but returned to the U.S. in 1934, establishing residence in New York City. In 1927, [photographer George Platt Lynes] met Wescott and Wheeler and they formed an intimate threesome that endured for nearly twenty years. ~

1. Self Portrait, George Platt Lynes, n.d. / Gelatin silver print / Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, MA

2. Monroe Wheeler c.1930-49 / Gelatin silver print / National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia

3. Glenway Wescott, n.d. / Gelatin silver print / Keith de Lellis Gallery, NY, NY

June 14~ Pride Month

Berenice Abbott and Elizabeth McCausland

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The art critic <<<Elizabeth McCausland sought out Berenice>>> in 1934 and transformed her life. For thirty years, until McCausland’s death, the two women were devoted companions and professional soul mates. ~The Paris Review



In 1937 the Museum of the City of New York mounted an exhibition, Changing New York, of Abbott’s photographs for the FAP. This prompted interest in publishing a Changing New York book that would include both the photographs and captions written by Elizabeth McCausland, a writer, art critic, and Abbott’s longtime partner.
~MCNY Blog: New York Stories

McSorley’s Ale House, 15 East 7th Street, Manhattan by Berenice Abbott
1937 / Silver gelatin print / from the Book Changing New York

June 4~ Pride Month

Maria Dulębianka and Maria Konopnicka

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In 1889, <<<[Dulębianka] met Maria Konopnicka>>>, a mother of eight children and a writer, who was living independently and separated from her husband, Jarosław Konopnicki. Dulębianka was almost 30 at the time, and Konopnicka was 19 years her senior. The two became inseparable and from the time of their meeting, Konopnicka became the main subject of Dulębianka’s paintings…Dulębianka died on 7 March 1919 in Lviv and was buried in Konopnicka’s tomb in Lychakiv Cemetery…[her] remains were later re-interred in a separate grave. ~Wikipedia

Portrait of Maria Konopnicka by Maria Dulębianka
Before 1896 / Oil on canvas / National Museum in Warsaw, Poland

June 3~ Pride Month

Louise Catherine Breslau and Madeleine Zillhardt

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< <<Madeleine Zillhardt was a French artist, writer, decorator and painter. Her life and her career are linked to another artist, the German-Swiss painter Louise Catherine Breslau >>>, of whom she was the companion, the muse and the inspirer. They lived together for more than forty years… ~Wikipedia

La Vie Pensive by Louise Breslau
1908 / Oil on canvas / Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland

The Place Louise-Catherine-Breslau-et-Madeleine-Zillhardt is situated in the 6th arrondissement of Paris…named in memory of German paintor Louise Catherine Breslau and French writer [and artist] Madeleine Zillhardt, by vote of the Council of Paris. ~Wikipedia

June 2~ Pride Month

Nathalie Micas and Rosa Bonheur and Anna Klumpke

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The most popular artist of nineteenth-century France, Rosa Bonheur was also one of the first renowned painters of animals and the first woman awarded the Grand Cross by the French Legion of Honor. A professional artist with a successful career, Bonheur lived in two consecutive committed relationships with

Rosa Bonheur lived for over forty years with her childhood friend Nathalie Micas (1824-1889.) In the final year of her life she became close with [painter] Anna Klumpke (1856-1942), the author of her “autobiography.” Bonheur, Micas, and Klumpke are buried together at Père Lachaise Cemetery.


Normandy landscape with grazing sheep by Nathalie Micas
1874 / Oil on canvas / Private collection






The Horse Fair by Nathalie Micas (possibly) and Rosa Bonheur
1855 / Oil on canvas / The National Gallery, London, UK

Rosa Bonheur’s original version of The Horse Fair (now in the The Met in NY) was four times the size of the National Gallery picture, painted when the work of women artists was largely disregarded by critics. It caused a sensation at the 1853 Paris Salon, toured Britain and the US and brought Bonheur international fame. This smaller autograph version was painted to facilitate the making of prints for sale during the tour. ~The Horse Fair, The National Gallery

Rosa Bonheur by Anna Klumpke
1898 / Oil on canvas / Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, NY
The Portrait That Forged a “Divine Marriage” Between Two 19th-Century Women Painters~

February 15, 1751~ Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein is born

Goethe in the Roman Campagna
by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein

1787 / Oil on canvas / 64 1/2”x81” / Städel Museum, Frankfurt, Germany

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“Having a bad day? Always remember: someone painted a life-sized portrait of Goethe with two left feet.”

January 7, 1929~ The action-adventure comic strip “Tarzan” debuts

“The Ape-Man and the Princess” by Hal Foster

April 9, 1933 / Edgar Rice BurroughsTarzan, as drawn by Hal Foster
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Also debuting in newspapers on January 7, 1929~ Buck Rogers, drawn by Richard ‘Dick’ Calkins
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November 30, 1953~ French artist Francis Picabia dies

Machine Tournez Vite (Machine Turn Quickly) by Francis Picabia

1916-1918 / Brush and ink with watercolor and shell gold over a 19th-century French lithographic illustration; laid down on canvas / 19 1/2”x12 7/8” / National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

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