Born July 25~ Eleanore Mikus

Eleanore Mikus (July 25, 1927-September 6, 2017) was an American painter, printmaker, and educator whose work had a strong emphasis on material and experimentation.
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Untitled by Eleanore Mikus
1967 / Rose cloth and rubber bands on board / 8-1/4″x6-1/4″ / Private collection

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Born July 23~ Hilda Wilkinson Brown

Hilda Rue Wilkinson Brown (July 23, 1894–July 12, 1981) was an American illustrator, painter, printmaker, and educator.
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Oak Bluffs by Hilda Wilkinson Brown
c.1940 / Graphite, with erasing on paper / 16″x11″ / Art Institute of Chicago, IL

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Born July 22~ Claire Falkenstein

Claire Falkenstein (July 22, 1908-October 23, 1997) was an American sculptor, painter, printmaker, jewelry designer, and teacher best known for her large-scale fusions of metal and melted glass.
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Conic by Claire Falkenstein
1959 / Brazed copper / 70″x38-1⁄2″x10-1⁄2″ / Smithsonian American Art Museum, DC

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Born July 12~ Florence McClung

Florence Elliott White McClung (July 12, 1894-1992) was an American painter, printmaker, and art teacher who was associated with the Dallas Nine, an influential group of Dallas-based artists.
Squaw Creek Valley by Florence McClung
1937 / Oil on canvas / 24-1/4″x30-1/4″ / Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX

Born July 9~ Concetta Scaravaglione

Concetta Maria Scaravaglione (July 9, 1900-September 4, 1975) was an American sculptor. In 1947 Scaravaglione won the Prix de Rome award from the American Academy in Rome, which made her the first woman to ever be awarded that honor.
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Railway Mail, 1862 by Concetta Scaravaglione
1936 / Aluminum / 4’1″x1’7″x1’1″ / Ariel Rios Federal Building, Washington, D.C.

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Born June 30~ Sigrid Kopfermann

Sigrid Kopfermann (June 30, 1923-June 25, 2011) was a German painter, graphic artist, and art teacher.
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Landschaft (Landscape) by Sigrid Kopfermann
1993 / Mixed media on canvas / 39-2/5″x27-2/5″ / Found on Van Ham auction site

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Sigrid Kopfermann
Sigrid Kopfermann was born in 1923…
Sigrid Kopfermann – An Obituary

Born June 20~ Lucy Kemp-Welch

Lucy Elizabeth Kemp-Welch (June 20, 1869-November 27, 1958) was a British painter and teacher who specialized in painting working horses.
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Forward! Forward to Victory: Enlist Now by Lucy Kemp-Welch
1915 / Artwork for UK WWI recruiting poster, found in various collections
Original painting in Bushey Museum and Art Gallery, Hertfordshire, UK / no details available

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Born June 12~ Anni Albers

Anni Albers (June 12, 1899-May 9, 1994) was a textile designer, weaver, writer, printmaker, and teacher who inspired a reconsideration of fabrics as an art form.
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Development in Rose II by Anni Albers
1952 / Linen / 24-3/8″x17-3/4″ / Art Institute of Chicago, IL

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Born June 2~ Mayumi Oda

Mayumi Oda (born June 2, 1941) is a Japanese-American painter, printmaker, activist, educator, author, and farmer.
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Storyville X by Oda Mayumi
1974 / Screenprint / 33-1/2″x24-1/2″ / Various collections, including Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA

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Born May 26~ Ruth Armer

Ruth Armer (May 26, 1896-August 29, 1977) was an American abstractionist painter, lithographer, teacher, and art collector from the San Francisco Bay area in California.
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Abstraction #250 by Ruth Armer
c.1950 / Oil on canvas / 24″x20″ / Private collection

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