Pride Month~ June 29

Akira the Hustler (Born 1969)

Artist whose work ranges from performance art to sculpting!

Shirohata (White Flag) / 2004 / Lambda print / 49″x63″

Mickalene Thomas (Born 1971)
Known for her complex paintings made of rhinestones, acrylic, and enamel

Qusuquzah, Une Très Belle Négresse #2 / 2011-12 /
Rhinestones, acrylic, and oil on wood panel / 96″x80″x2″

Pride Month~ June 27

Jerome Caja (1958-1995)
Mixed-media painter and Queercore performance artist

Portrait / c.1990 / Enamel on plastic / 5 1/4”x5 1/4”x1 1/2”







Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988)
Poet, musician, graffiti artist, and Neo-Expressionist painter

Untitled / 1981 / Acrylic and oil stick on plywood / 72”x48”x15/16”

Pride Month~ June 25

Deborah Kass (Born 1952)

Multidisciplinary artist explores the intersection of pop culture & art history

Double Red Yentl, Split (My Elvis) / 1993 / Screenprint and acrylic on canvas / 72 1/4”x72”

Robert Gober (Born 1954)
American sculptor best known for his meticulously crafted works

Untitled / 1999 / Plaster, beeswax, human hair, cotton, leather, aluminum, enamel paint / 33 1/2”x40”x24 3/4”

Pride Month~ June 23

Nahum B. Zenil (Born 1947)

Mexican painter executes fantastic and macabre self-portraits

Duelo (Sorrow) / 1989 / Oil and ink on paper / 20.6”x28.1”

Alvin Baltrop (1948-2004)
Photographer documented 70s and 80s gay culture in NYC

The Piers (Tava from back) / No Date / Silver gelatin print / 4.5”x6.5”

Pride Month~ June 18








John Cavanaugh (1921-1985)
American sculptor worked primarily in lead

Alice B. Toklas / John Cavanaugh Sculpture Garden / 1801 Swann St NW, D.C.




Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008)
Influential American artist employed a vast array of media and materials

Satellite / 1955 / Oil, fabric, paper, and wood on canvas, with taxidermied pheasant / 79 3/8”x43 5/16”x5 5/8”

March 25~ Women’s History Month in visual arts

Agnes Martin (1912-2004)
Canadian-American artist, often described as Minimalist, considered herself an Abstract Expressionist

Happy Holiday / 1999 / Acrylic paint and graphite on canvas / 60”x60”x1.5”












Méret Oppenheim (1913-1985)
German-born Swiss artist produced sculptures, paintings, photographs, drawings, and assemblages

Wolke auf einem Schiff (Cloud on a Boat) / 1963 / Plaster and paint / 14 9/16”x13”x4 3/4”

February 27~ African-American visual artists

Mark Bradford (Born 1961), African-American painter and mixed-media collage artist

Across 110th Street / 2008 / Mixed-media collage on canvas / 102”x144”










Mickalene Thomas (Born 1971), African-American mixed-media artist, filmmaker, and curator

Tamika sur une Chaise Longue Avec Monet / 2012 / Rhinestones, acrylic, oil, and enamel on wood panel / 108”x144”


Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/22~

What artist, whom Picture Post magazine called “the greatest war photographer in the world”, died in Vietnam when he stepped on a land mine in 1954?

What artist coined the term Combines for his non-traditional materials and methods which blurred the division between painting and sculpture?

Answers here~

Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/8~

This German artist, one of the leading exponents of Impressionism in Germany, combined his interest in music and drawing in a famous series of portraits of a celebrated Portuguese opera singer.

This American artist began her career in the 1960s as a painter but is best known for her reinterpretation of quilts as art combining painting, fabric, and stories of her life and the lives of others in the black community.

Answers here~

Artist Birthday Quiz for 9/16~

What artist and poet — a founding member of the Dada movement in Zürich in 1916 — referred to himself as “Hans” when he spoke in German and as “Jean” when he spoke in French?

What German-born American painter had his first one-man show at Harvard University while his paintings were being removed from German museums and destroyed as “degenerate art”?

Answers here~