Born May 5~ Sarah Choate Sears

Sarah Choate Sears (May 5, 1858-September 25, 1935) was an American art collector, art patron, cultural entrepreneur, artist, and photographer.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Poppies by Sarah Choate Sears
1896 / Watercolor, gouache, and ink on paper / 13-3/4″x21-1/4″ / Private collection
Untitled (cyclamen, outdoors) by Sarah Choate Sears
c.1892-c.1905 / Gelatin silver print / 6″x8″ / Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, MA

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Born April 29~ Eva Besnyö

Eva Besnyő (April 29, 1910-December 12, 2003) was a Dutch-Hungarian photographer who participated in the Nieuwe Fotografie (New Photography) movement.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Boy With Cello, Balaton, Hungary by Eva Besnyö
1931 / Gelatin silver print / 16-3/4″x15-2/5″ / Various collections

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Born April 24~ Jan Groover

Jan Groover (April 24, 1943-January 1, 2012) was an American photographer whose primary focus was the still life. Trained as an abstract painter in the 1960s, Groover turned to photography in the early 1970s.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Untitled (Kitchen Still Life) #4 by Jan Groover / c.1978 / Polaroid print / Image: 24″x20-1/2″
Various collections, incl. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO

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Born April 20~ Carrie Mae Weems

Carrie Mae Weems (born April 20, 1953) has developed a complex body of art employing images, text, fabric, audio, installation, and video.
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After Manet by Carrie Mae Weems
2002 / C-print framed with concave glass / 32″ diameter, 4″depth / Jack Shainman Gallery, NYC

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Born March 23~ Ilse Bing

Ilse Bing (March 23, 1899-March 10, 1998) was a leading photojournalist and commercial photographer during the 30s and 40s.
Biography on Wikipedia:

New York Public Library by Ilse Bing
1949 / Gelatin silver print / 13 7/16″x9 5/8″ / Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, MA

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Born March 8~ Aenne Biermann

Aenne Biermann (March 8, 1898-January 14, 1933) was a self-taught artist who became a well-known figure in German avant-garde photography.
Biography on The Encyclopedia of Jewish Women:

Würfelbecher (Dice Cup) by Aenne Biermann
1928–1929 / Gelatin silver print / 6 1/2″x4 4/5″ / Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany

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Born March 2~ Irena Blühová

Irena Blühová (March 2, 1904-November 30, 1991) was a political activist and one of the first Slovak women photographers.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Jolanda by Irena Blühová
1933 / Gelatin silver print / 11″x15″ / The Museum of Avant-garde

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Born February 3~ Thora Hallager

Thora Hallager (February 3,1821-June 16, 1884) was a Danish photographer. She was Denmark’s earliest female photographer.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Self Portrait by Thora Hallager
Scan from negative / Royal Danish Library Digital Collections

Thora Hallager’s photographs of Hans Christian Andersen

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Letters from Hans Christian Andersen to Thora Hallager (in Danish)

Born January 25~ Bertha Wehnert-Beckmann

Bertha Wehnert-Beckmann (January 25, 1815-December 6, 1901) was possibly the first professional female photographer in the world.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Portrait of Johannes Brahms by Bertha Wehnert-Beckmann
c.1853 / Salt print / 8″x6 1/4″ / State Art Collections, Dresden, Germany

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Born January 18~ Lucia Moholy

Lucia Moholy (January 18, 1894-May 17, 1989) was a photographer
and a key figure in the Bauhaus art school.

Biography on Wikipedia:

Physicist Patrick Blackett by Lucia Moholy
1936 / Bromide print / 15 3/4″x12 1/4″ / National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

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