Autoportrait Day 21~ Esther Inglis

A random survey of self-portraits created by women through the centuries

Artist and calligrapher Esther Inglis (1571-1624)

1. Portrait of Esther Inglis by Esther Inglis, 1601 / Manuscript / Spencer Collection, New York Public Library

2. Portrait of Esther Inglis by Esther Inglis, 1607 / Manuscript / Royal Collection Trust, London, UK

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Born October 29~ Shin Saimdang

Shin Saimdang (October 29, 1504-May 17, 1551) was a Korean artist, writer, calligraphist, and poet.
Biography on New World Encyclopedia:

Chochungdo (painting of plants & insects) by Shin Saimdang / Early 16th cent. / Ink and color on paper
8 panel folding screen, each panel 13″x11″ / National Museum of Korea, Seoul, South Korea

Shin Saimdang on Google Arts and Culture:

Further reading:
시와 그림에 능한 예술가이자 현모양처의 상징 – 신사임당 translated by Google:
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Romania:

Born October 16~ Anna Waser

Anna Waser (October 16, 1678-September 20, 1714) was a Swiss miniature painter, draftsman, etcher, and calligrapher. She received her first drawing and painting lessons at the age of 12. Almost all of Waser’s work has been lost.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Portrait of Mr. Sulzer from Winterthur by Anna Waser
ND / 4-1/3″x3-1/10″ / Watercolor on parchment / Private collection

Anna Waser on Artnet:

Further reading: (in German)
“Anna Waser Swiss painter”, Google translation:
“The tragic life of the first Swiss painter”, Google translation:


Born September 14~ Okuhara Seiko

Okuhara Seiko (September 14, 1837-1913) was a celebrated artist. She also founded a private school and was one of a few female instructors of Chinese poetry, calligraphy, and literati* painting during the early modern period in Japan.
Biography on Wikipedia:

*Literati Painting:

Bird Perched upon a Branch, from which a Red Morning-Glory Hangs by Okuhara Seiko
c.1900-1912 / Color woodcut / 9-1/2″x10″ / Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA

Okuhara Seiko on Artnet:

Further reading:

January 26, 1950~ The Constitution of the Republic of India comes into effect

Title page of the Constitution of India
(original calligraphed and illuminated version)

Designed and illustrated by artists from Shantiniketan including Beohar Rammanohar Sinha and Nandalal Bose,
calligraphy by Prem Behari Narain Raizada

1949 / Ink on parchment / 234 23”x18” manuscript pages / Library of the Parliament of India, New Delhi

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