Elizabeth Alexandra Mary: Born April 21, 1926


Queen Elizabeth II turns 89 today, so I decided to have a look at how she’s been represented visually over the course of time.

She’s been pictured on stamps: http://www.stamp-exchange.co.uk/queen_elizabeth_ii.htm
banknotes: http://www.pjsymes.com.au/qe2/default.htm
and in paintings: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/royalty/10757562/In-pictures-Painted-portraits-of-Queen-Elizabeth-II.html?frame=2878348

But for me, the most interesting images are the photographs, particularly of the younger Elizabeth, perhaps because the thirties and forties are probably my favorite decades. There’s a wealth of pictures to be found on the internet of Elizabeth, at any age, should one be so inclined.

Her Majesty’s life in photos:
LIFE magazine, as one would expect, has a large archive which they dip into for their website:

Then of course there’s the way Andy Warhol represented her:

sexpistolsOr Jamie Reid for the Sex Pistols:

Or a British school child (as found on some random web site):child

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