Jan Tschichold: Born April 2, 1902

TSCHICHOLD, JAN 1963 © ERLING MANDELMANNBy 1945, Tschichold had gained fame in the typographic world for the books he designed, as well as those he wrote, altogether an impressive list. His beautiful work and impeccable craftsmanship made him the logical choice when Allen Lane wanted somebody to develop an orderly system of design for his Penguin Books.

Tschichold combined a series of grids with a set of rules of composition and forced their acceptance by a reluctant, sometimes rebellious, printing craft. His perseverance served to inspire tremendous improvement in the quality of all British books, as his techniques were admired and imitated.


Returning home, Tschichold picked up his career as book designer and typographical consultant for publishing and business. Along the way, he developed Sabon, the first typeface to be identical in appearance in Linotype, Monotype and hand composition.
FROM http://adcglobal.org/hall-of-fame/jan-tschichold/


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