Arnold Schönberg: Born September 13, 1874

arnold_schoenbergArnold Schoenberg (1874-1951)

Born in Vienna on 13 September 1874, into a family that was not particularly musical, Schoenberg was largely self-taught as a musician. An amateur cellist, he demonstrated from early age a particular aptitude for composition. He received rudimentary instruction in harmony and counterpoint from Oskar Adler and studied composition briefly with Alexander Zemlinsky, his eventual brother-in-law. Early in his career, Schoenberg took jobs orchestrating operettas, but most of his life was spent teaching, both privately and at various institutions, and composing…Schoenberg fled the poisonous political atmosphere of Europe in 1933 and spent the remainder of his life primarily in the United States, becoming a naturalized citizen in 1941.gschoenberg

Arnold Schoenberg’s Many Faces~

schoenbergArnold Schönberg Center~

Artistic Parallels between Arnold Schönberg’s Music & Painting~ essay written by Courtney Adams~

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