Premiered March 14, 1885: “The Mikado”

Mikado-Savoy-1885“Yes, as we said to begin with, “The Mikado” is a frank success. It is great nonsense, no doubt; but then it is the very funniest fooling to be seen. And so pretty, too!”  ~unsigned review from “The Academy”, March 28 1885

“Mr. Gilbert has once more exhibited his facility for seizing upon a subject occupying a considerable share of public attention, and turning it to humorous account. Japanese art is extremely fashionable just at present, and the manners and customs of this strange race may be studied with advantage at Knightsbridge. But it is our home political and social life that is principally caricatured in ‘The Mikado,’ and amid much that is incisive and telling we find obvious reminiscences of earlier productions by the same hand.”
~unsigned review from “The Athenæum”, March 21 1885

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