Theo van Gogh: Born May 1, 1857

Theo van Gogh *1882Theo van Gogh (1857-1891) first worked as an art dealer in 1873 in the Brussels art gallery owned by his uncle Hendrick van Gogh. A few months later, he was sent to the Hague as an employee of Goupil & Co., an internationally-known Parisian merchant specialised in paintings and engravings who set up numerous branches in Europe and the United States.

Vincent, his brother and elder by four years, preceded him in this career as early as TvG21869. He acted as Theo’s mentor, guiding him in his reading, his visits to museums and encouraging him to collect prints, in particular reproductions of paintings by contemporary artists. These exchanges continued in Paris, where Theo was sent for the 1878 World Fair. He settled there and around 1880 he became director of the Paris branch of Goupil & Co. at 19 Boulevard Montmartre. As for Vincent, he left Goupil & Co. in 1876 and decided, after much hesitation, to become a painter. In 1886 he came to Paris, staying with his brother, before going two years later to the south of France.TvG3
Theo van Gogh : art-dealer, collector, Vincent’s brother  ~Musée d’Orsay

The Letters From Vincent to Theo~

The Letters From Theo to Vincent~

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