Joseph Binder: Born March 3, 1898


Born in Vienna and trained as a painter at the Kunstgewerbeschüle, Joseph Binder’s early designs won numerous international competitions that placed his posters in public spaces throughout Europe. A leader in the emerging field of graphic design, Binder felt that posters were “an expression of contemporary civilization reduced to its simplest forms for instantaneous visual communication.”


In 1936 Joseph Binder settled in New York for good and in 1944 became an American citizen.
In his design he focused on the reduction of geometric forms, on color contrasts and the psychological impact of colors. His clients included American Railroads, American Airlines, A&P Iced Coffee, Fortune and Graphis. In 1948 the U.S. Navy made him their art director and designer.
In the 1960s Binder turned away from commercial graphic work and renewed his explorations in graphic works of art in the abstract style.

Joseph Binder’s Ships and Planes~
Joseph Binder, design drawings for MiraCan, American Can Company, 1960~

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