Jazz Appreciation Month: Album Cover Art~ April 11

Frank Sinatra Conducts Tone Poems of Color

1956 / Capitol Records W735 / Vinyl LP / Cover Design by Saul Bass

With the poetry of radio writer Norman Sickel as a guide, each composer was assigned different colors to muse upon, with Victor Young, Jeff Alexander, Alec Wilder, and Nelson Riddle receiving two each, and Billy May, Gordon Jenkins, Elmer Bernstein, and André Previn one apiece.

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August 15, 1969~ Woodstock Music Festival opens

Wallkill, New York August 15-16-17
First Festival Poster by David Edward Byrd

1969 / Original offset lithograph, 10,000 qty. / Approx. 14”x22” / Various collections

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June 30, 1905~ Battleship Potemkin leaves Odessa, sails towards Black Sea Fleet

Poster for Eisenstein’s movie Potemkin by Dolly Rudeman

1926 / Color lithograph / 42 1/2”x25 1/2” / International Advertising & Design DataBase

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