August 15, 1969~ Woodstock Music Festival opens

Wallkill, New York August 15-16-17
First Festival Poster by David Edward Byrd

1969 / Original offset lithograph, 10,000 qty. / Approx. 14”x22” / Various collections

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August 15, 1969: The Woodstock festival opens in Bethel, New York

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June 30, 1905~ Battleship Potemkin leaves Odessa, sails towards Black Sea Fleet

Poster for Eisenstein’s movie Potemkin by Dolly Rudeman

1926 / Color lithograph / 42 1/2”x25 1/2” / International Advertising & Design DataBase

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“Postering Potemkin”~
“Battleship Potemkin: What happened to the ship after the movie was over?”~

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March 28, 1939~ Generalissimo Francisco Franco conquers Madrid

“Do not let your family live the drama of the war:
To evacuate Madrid is to help in the final victory”
by Girón

c.1936-1937 / Lithograph, 3 colors / 39 2/5”x27” / Southworth Collection, University of California San Diego

Illustrated timeline of the Spanish Civil War~

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 8/1~

Which painter began his training in Venice but — due to persistent brushes with the law, including a murder charge — worked in a multitude of European cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence, and Vienna?

Which graphic designer’s first commercial work came when he was 13, creating hand-drawn and lettered posters for the local Knottingley Cricket Club and earning sixpence a week for six posters?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 7/29~

What American painter — best known for his genre paintings, paintings of scenes from everyday life, and portraits of people both famous and unknown — was a co-founder of the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

What British advertising designer, poster artist, and illustrator won first place in a poster competition held by the London City Council in 1935, and from that point on freelanced as a graphic artist?

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What Hungarian-born photographer, who had a profound effect on hand-held photography, died in New York in 1985 leaving behind 100,000 negatives, many of which to this day remain unseen?

What designer, typographer, & painter wanted to be a chemist but when his parents couldn’t afford tuition turned to art, eventually co-founding one of Switzerland’s best-known ad agencies?

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Which painter of the Dutch Golden Age devoted himself almost exclusively to painting church interiors, using precise perspective?

Which of the founders of the San Francisco Bay Area graphic design movement “Pacific Wave” was also a fine artist known for large-scale paintings?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 5/13~

What artist collaborated with Pablo Picasso, during which time among other things they developed Cubism, from 1909 until 1914?

In 1972, which German designer refined Olympic pictograms into the concise system that most people think of today as the symbols of the games?

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