March 3~ Women’s History Month in visual arts

Levina Teerlinc (1510–1520?-1576)
Flemish miniaturist; painter to English royal courts

Portrait miniature of Katherine Grey, Countess of Herford / c.1555-1560 / Watercolour on vellum / 1.3” diameter

Caterina van Hemessen (1528-after 1565)
Renaissance painter; one of the earliest female painters with extant work

Portrait of a Woman / 1551 / Oil on oak / 8.9”x6.9”

3 thoughts on “March 3~ Women’s History Month in visual arts

  1. A veritable March blockbuster!!
    Chopin is in my top 3, love him; Pirate Jenny/LL was fantastic; adore The Moldau- wish I could see Prague; and the whole women history-artist month connection is going to be marvelous!!! Thank you!

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