October 16, 1384~ Jadwiga is Crowned King of Poland

The Oath of Jadwiga by Józef Simmler

After Jadwiga wed Gniewosz of Dalewice, a Polish knight and courtier who had opposed the marriage, spread gossip that she was having an affair. Jadwiga took a solemn oath stating that she had only had marital relations with her husband. After all the witnesses confirmed her oath, Gniewosz confessed that he had lied. The medieval penalty was to force Gniewosz to publicly get under a table, say: “I lied like a dog”, and bark a few times. Despite this, Gniewosz continued his career at the court even after Jadwiga’s death.

1867 / Oil on canvas / 114”x84 2/5” / National Museum, Warsaw, Poland

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