June 10~ Pride Month

Frances Loring and Florence Wyle

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Loring and Wyle are usually connected with each other because their relationship, both personal and professional, lasted for over 60 years…In 1913, Loring and Wyle moved to Toronto, where they began being referred to as “The Girls.” Both of them quickly became major forces in the city and across the country, getting major commissions during World War I and II…They died three weeks apart in 1968. ~Wikipedia

Above: Portrait of Frances Loring and Florence Wyle
by Robert Flaherty
c.1919 / cyanotype / Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
>>>To the right: Florence Wyle and Frances Loring

Left: Frances Loring by Florence Wyle, c.1914                                     Right: Florence Wyle by Frances Loring, c.1914

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