June 22~ Pride Month

Gilbert and George

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They met in 1967, in London, at St Martin’s School of Art. Was it love at first sight? “No,” says George. “We never thought ‘Let’s do art together!’” He describes their relationship as a friendship, something that came about slowly and imperceptibly, “like an atmosphere – or a cloud.”
~BBC Front Row

The Singing Sculpture by Gilbert & George
1971 / At the opening of the Sonnabend Gallery, NY, NY













Here by Gilbert & George
1987 / Hand-dyed photographs, mounted and framed in 35 parts / MoMA, NY, NY

2 thoughts on “June 22~ Pride Month

  1. When I first saw Gilbert and George’s ‘Singing Sculpture,’ it immediately had a profound impact on my philosophy about art and life. When I was starting my training as an art educator, their ethos that the artist should socially, emotionally and cognitively embodied in their work was influential in my own constructivist pedagogical philosophy, which combines materials-based explorations with social interaction and critical responses to life at large. G & G are such a dynamic duo!

  2. While familiar with their work, I have to admit to knowing little to nothing about them as people. Working on this blog is an education for me.

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