Al Jaffee: Born March 13, 1921


…And in 1964 he had an idea. Playboy, Life and other magazines had their lavish color fold-outs, so Mad, he thought, should parody them with a cheap black-and-white fold-in.
From 2008:

Instead of conducting a formal interview, we invited Mr. Jaffee to explain the thought process behind his favorite Fold-Ins from over the years. He certainly didn’t disappoint. Read on to discover how one of the world’s finest optical satirists creates his magic on a monthly basis.
 From 2014:

Al Jaffee, Iconic Mad Magazine Cartoonist, Retires at Age 99 … and Leaves Behind Advice About Living the Creative Life
From 2020:

Al Jaffee, Now 102, Is Ready to Be Added to Mount Rushmore:
MAD’s longest-serving contributor on comedy, art, and the origins of the “Fold-in.”

From 2023:

Al Jaffee on Artnet:

(updated 2023)

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