Autoportrait Day 274~ Helen E. Hokinson

A random survey of self-portraits created by women through the centuries

American cartoonist Helen Elna Hokinson (1893-1949)

Self-caricature from the book Collier’s Collects Its Wits, 1941
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Autoportrait Day 240~ Barbara Shermund

A random survey of self-portraits created by women through the centuries

American cartoonist Barbara Shermund (1899-1978)

1. Self-portrait with red headscarf, ND / Watercolor on paper / Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, Ohio State University

2. Self-Portrait, 1933 / Drawing / Private collection

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Gallery of Barbara Shermund original artwork:

Autoportrait Day 189~ Alison Bechdel

A random survey of self-portraits created by women through the centuries

Cartoonist, writer, and graphic memoirist Alison Bechdel (born 1960)

1. Self portrait as Harriet the Spy, published in New York Times July 26, 2012

2. Self portrait for The New Yorker, published April 16, 2012

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Why Alison Bechdel’s ‘Dykes to Watch Out For’ is still popular after nearly 40 years

Read the 1985 comic strip that inspired the Bechdel Test.

Born December 11~ Marjorie Henderson Buell

Marjorie Henderson Buell (December 11, 1904-May 30, 1993) was an American cartoonist who worked under the pen name Marge. She was best known as the creator of Little Lulu.
Biography on Wikipedia:

The First Appearance of Little Lulu by Marjorie Henderson Buell
February 23, 1935 issue, Saturday Evening Post / Drawing / 6.5″x7″ / Private collection

Marjorie Henderson Buell on Artnet:

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Born December 3~ Marjorie Organ

Marjorie Organ Henri (December 3, 1886-July 1930) was an Irish-born American illustrator, cartoonist, and caricaturist. She had 6 pieces in the landmark 1913 Armory Show.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Robert Henri in Bed by Marjorie Organ
ND / Mixed media on paper / 10″x8-1/2″ / Private collection

Marjorie Organ on Artnet:

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“The Sunday Funnies at the Armory Show”:

Born on October 18~ Fanny Y. Cory

Fanny Young Cory (October 18, 1877-July 28, 1972) was an illustrator for magazines and books, a watercolorist, and one of America’s first female syndicated cartoonists.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Illustration for The Fanny Cory Mother Goose by Fanny Y. Cory
1913 / 11″x9″, 73 pages / Bobs-Merrill Company Publishers, NY

Fanny Y. Cory on Artnet:

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Born October 14~ Grace Drayton

Grace Drayton (October 14, 1878-January 31, 1936) was an illustrator, the creator of the Campbell Soup Kids, and one of the first and most successful female cartoonists.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Campbell’s Soup Recipe Book Cover by Grace Drayton
1916 / J. Campbell Co., Camden, N.J. / 6″x7-1/2″ / Hathi Trust Digital Library

Grace Drayton on Artnet:

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